Walden West Solo Hike

At science camp I got an experience that I’ll never forget. I have many new memories that are very fun. My favorite thing that went on was the solo hike. It was so much fun! We got to explore the nature all by ourselves. If you don’t believe my, keep reading, you will understand why I thought it was amazing. I learned many new thing when I went. It was something I’ll never forget. I can’t wait to tell you about all the new facts, the nature that I saw, and the things I felt.

As I walked into the forest I saw many redwoods. I was nervous at first about going by myself. But I saw cards along the trail showing where we need to go. On the cards it showed facts. I learned about, it takes a lot of water to make hamburger. If it takes 2,000 gallons of water to make a hamburger that isn’t healthy we shouldn’t eat hamburgers. I learned that redwoods can grow up to 400 feet! Saying that a 6ft tall man is huge, I think 400 hundred is a bit over huge! Another thing that I learned is that it takes over 40 years to grow moss. Remember that next time you peel bark off of a redwood tree!

The redwoods were so big. It made me feel like an ant. It was hard to take in the beauty of it all. Everything was so green for the rain that we had. I saw 2 banana slugs on my adventure alone. My favorite tree was a tree that was growing out of another tree and it curved in one big loop. It was extraordinary! We had to hug a tree for one of the cards. It was funny when I hug the tree because my hair got stuck in the tree and the kids behind me, (Black Rhino) had to help me! Black Rhino had to wait 5 minutes for me to pass so it would still be called a ‘solo hike’. But other than that it was amazing.

I felt like I was in a whole another world. It was a green mystical world. The trees towering over me and the banana slug down by my shoe. I felt free. I felt I could be anything I wanted to be in the forest. And finally I got some alone time! I got to think what I wanted to think and got to say what I wanted to say. I felt amazing!

I hope that you learned something new about Walden West and the solo hike. Now you can see why the solo hike was so fun!

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