Just Another Day Portraits of liz... yeeeetttt

Taking photos with Liz was some what simple but yet she can be complicated because she wouldn't do everything I had asked her to do. Bright side of being partners with Liz is that she is a really easy person to get her to giggle or laugh. So, as we were taking these shots i was able to get her to have a real smile rather then a fake one. For the most part we both had a easy time working with each other in my opinion and took great shots! F-stop: 4.5, shutter speed:1/125, ISO: 100 Tips: Lighting is what matters most for taking portrait photos so always make sure you are in a proper spot or adjust your camera properly.
So here was the fun but yet difficult part of the whole project, I wanted Liz to pretend to play with the berries and she kept on saying, "This is weird, no!" but then i was able to annoy her enough to get her to at least touch the berries and look interested in them. So that way it looks like much more of a natural shot of her. I had to try and take it quick that way we could get it over with. This is what i consider unique compared to what we could use in Serra but besides that I definitely liked the shot a lot. F-stop: F/5, shutter speed: 1/250, ISO: 125 Tips: Have your partner do the odd ball things. Doing that could make your photo look ten times cooler and better in the long run.
So after I continuously asked her to take photos with the random berries in the bush, I had her go to another tree and pretend to play with the tree. Which she for some reason was okay with the tree but not the berries(I think she has something against berries...). Once She began touching the tree I was able to get her to laugh again which made her smile look even better. So, now when somebody looks at the photos is looks like she is having fun, with a tree??? F-stop: f/4, Shutter speed:1/4000, ISO:3200 Tips: So this is another situation where you should try and have your partner do the out of the ordinary so that way it will put them out of their place and make them feel better and smile.
This shot is one of the starting photos of the project. So, we decided to go by Bobby D's room and take some shots because of this nice background of the wildlife. I just continuously took shots until I found one nice shot, which in my opinion was this one. Another thing that we kept on looking for was good lighting because that day the sun would come and go consistently. Then at one point it just completely stopped and we were able to take our photos of each other. F-stop f/4, Shutter speed: 1/320, ISO: 100 Tips: Find a cool background to take pictures with so that way it keeps the photo interesting. Having a clean back ground with a clean photo of the person will make everything better.
So for this photo I actually caught her off guard but it turned out to be a nice photo. Nice clean photo of Liz's face, eyes wide open, and just posing. There is really much to explain on this photo since it was a shot that wasn't meant to be like the way this one turned out. Besides that though the shot was clean, lighting was nice, and it was a crisp shot of just her face. F-stop: F/5,shutter speed: 1/125, ISO: 100. Tips: Your best shots could also be on accident, so don't think that taking a random photo is necessarily bad.

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