Looking Towards the Future Emily Howard

What does it mean to be successful? How can you reach success? Can anyone be successful?

The truth is success is defined by the person holding it. You reach success by working and gaining experience and knowledge. Anyone can their own definition of success.

My Strengths

Leadership, Public Speaking, Kindness, Trustworthiness, Math, Meeting New People

Me and my family after the fall musical, "Footloose"

Goals for my high school career

All A's, High GPA, High ACT Score, College Acceptance, College Scholarships, Club and Extracurricular Involvement

Me and My sister (Lauren) on my first day of High School

Other's Description of Me

People who know me would say I am a little chatty, well spoken, mature, hardworking, prepared, but all together a 'good kid'

My family and I at my sister's senior prom

What Career path do I plan to Pursue? Why this Career?

- A Pediatric Allergist.

- I love children and I love helping others feel the best they can!

- I have grown up going to the allergist. I know how bad allergies can make you feel and I don't want any child to feel miserable all the time.

- Allergists can decide their schedules, work in a comfortable environment, and create great friends as well!

My personal Allergist, Dr. Scott Frankel

The Work and Education needed to be an Allergist

- 4 year bachelor's degree (biology)

- 4 year of medical school (general medicine)

- 3 year medical residency (specialization)

- 3 years of hands on training

- All together I am looking at 14 years of schooling

My family, my grandma, and I in Florida

What have I learned that better prepares me to become an Allergist?

- I am taking the path of higher math and science courses, along with English which will help me be a better communicator!

- I will take health careers to help me be a step ahead once I reach college.

What School will I choose?

- Bachelor's, Kansas State for a degree in Biology

- Medical School, KU School of Medicine

- Residency, wherever has an opening at that time, hopefully in my desired area

My sister and I with Willie the Wildcat, Kansas State's mascot

EverFi and Personal Finance

EverFi has been a great tool to learn new things and refresh knowledge I already have. It will help me to feel confident with my money in the future.

How I see my future and career? (after finishing all my schooling)

- A family ( A husband, and a few children)

- A steady job at my own private practice

- My own home

- The ability to go on vacations and indulge in the things I want and my family wants

My family and I on a cruise this past spring break
My family and I at the San Diego Zoo

How to Make my Plan a Reality

- Stay dedicated and motivated

- Get enough sleep

- Find time for myself

- Enjoy what I am doing

- Spend time with my family and be a good mother

20 Year Plan (After Graduation)

- Graduate High school

- Go to K-State and Major in Biology

- Get accepted into Med. School and gradute at the top of my class

- Complete my Specialization Residency

- Work at an existing practice for a few years then after I establish a client base, open up my own private practice

Lauren and I at her senior prom!

Thank You for you time and interest in my Future!

Any Questions?

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