Good Life Tour of the Harn Museum By: pilar thangwaritorn

  • Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist: The oil painting by Ruth P. Phillips name,"Springtime Vision" is definitely one that has to be seen in person. From a distance, you can see the view of trees and nature trails from the perspective of higher elevation. When you take a step closer, the details and color catches the attention of the viewer. This painting is similar to a puzzle with each brush stroke being the puzzle pieces. The closer you get to the artwork, the less it looks like an actual painting but more of random dots. The reason for this is that it copied the style of Impressionism. This piece spoke directly about nature and focused on the energy it presents with the vibrant colors. With this, it made me feel at peace and have appreciation for what our world holds.

Design of the Museum: My favorite wing of the museum was the "Highlights from the Photography Collection" because of its lighting and wide entrance to view the artworks. Photography is one of my favorite forms of art because it captures real pictures of certain situations and makes the viewers feel like they're a part of the scene. Photography depends a lot on perspective and the angle that it's taken. It's definitely one that represents the saying, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder," and this particular section did a good job to show that. For the Harn Museum, they acknowledged Frida Kahlo and made her the main piece by the entrance into the photography section. This was a good way to catch the visitors' attention and keep them interested for the rest of the section.

Art and Core Values: This simple black and white image opened my eyes to the core value of acceptance especially towards women. Women were not always treated as fairly as we are now in society and this picture expresses the struggle that women had to overcome before. Sometimes people tend to forget how women were treated before and how important it is to have equality across the world. To this day, certain areas are not respectful towards females and are still treated as objects. in this artwork, "I am not a Persian Carpet," it speaks for the women who are treated as objects in under resourced countries. This emphasizes the fact that women are seen as commodities, such as this detailed carpet, an idea that should be changed. From this piece, it helps me to keep my values of treating everyone with equality and how this should be practiced globally.

Art and the Good Life: The journey of finding the good life is a matter of finding inner peace and happiness with one self. Once this is achieved, that person can thrive as an individual and help others. With this sculpture, it shows the Buddha in enlightenment and represents the path that we all take to find happiness in life. The sculpture has a smile on its face to show that everything should be done in a positive manner. The most important part of the idea of attaining the good life is to be sure that this is a personal decision without outside influence. The Buddha sculpture reiterates the idea that people all share the same compassion to reach a similar goal, and that is to be successful, happy, and healthy. This makes me appreciate the idea that no matter what the journey may be, we will end up with this idea if we keep our minds to it and stay true to oneself.

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