Scrap book One. Back-Yard Images By Alex Gorham (Light Shed Pictures)

under an hour from home.

Scotts Pines near Annat

We found this peak whilst location scouting for a backpack advert.

It's awesome, only 30 minutes from the car at the top of a mountain pass, it turned out to be ideal for filming and it looks like you are miles from anywhere

Below is one of my favourite images uploaded to Instagram last week. It didn't get many likes , I put this down to people having poor taste and Instagram not being an ideal platform for images like this... or it's just crap?

a small community Live out on this peninsular near applecross. no road just a track, lots of sheep and a remote beach.

the back of our house looks out on this view, our landlord owns it all. I hear it's home to some of the best winter climbing in the uk.
I have always liked the look of this marsh, I've had quite a few failed attempts at photographing it,
It's hard to get enough height to showcase it in full. then one morning a thick frost came and it started to look better close up than far away.
i have been sitting on the images a while as I wasn't that happy with the results but I guess they are better here than lost on harddrives.
B-Roll. From a recent shoot for the National Trust For Scotland
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Jen Randall

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