Save the Fin Whales! by Charlotte colella

Fin whales are huge!

What does a Fin whale look like?

What is smooth, grey, and lives in the ocean? A fin whale! First, let's talk about the size and length of a fin whale. A male can weigh up to almost 80 tons and can grow up to be 24 meters now a female can be the same as a male but sometimes grow up to 20 meters. A baby fin whale can weigh up to 6,000 pounds and be up to 18 feet! Next let's talk about a Fin whales body. This beautiful creature has smooth skin. These mammals can come in many different colors like grey, blue, black, and white. Fin whales have a distinctive rige on their back called a razor back. Now, let's learn some interesting facts! These animals can swim up to 23 miles per hour. Another interesting fact is they can stay underwater for a whole 20 minutes before they come up for air. As you can see the fin whale has a very interesting appearance.

Where does a fin whale live?

Of course if you want to see a fin whale you need to know where to find one! First, let's talk about this beautiful mammals location. Fin whales can be found in deep offshore waters like the eastern pacific ocean. Also they are less common in the tropics. Next you need to know the climate of where a fin whale lives. Did you know that the average temperature where a fin whale lives is 38.8f! Also did you know that they migrate for about 12,000 miles! That is the longest length for a mammal to migrate in! Last of all, If you really want to know where to find a fin whale you need to know where it sleeps! These animals can sleep quietly in calm waters or next to another animal. Did you know that some whales can sleep with half of its mind awake and then switch so they both relax? Obviously fin whales have an extreme habitat.

Fin whales love to eat squid!

What does a fin whale eat?

Have you ever wondered what a fin whale eats? Well let's find out! First let's learn about what they eat. Fin whales like to eat are krill, squid, and other small animals. Did you know that a fin whale can eat up to 2 tons of food a day? Next I wonder how they catch their prey? One way fin whales catch their prey is they turn the white side of their body towards the fish, scaring them into denser groups making it easier to catch. Another way these animals catch their prey is the swim around and around schools of fish making it easier to catch in one big bite. Last and the saddest these are fin whales' biggest predators. One predator is a human. Why humans? You may wonder. Well japanese kill about 200 - 1,200 whales a year. They hunt them for their meat because it has a lot of protein in it. They eat mostly the belly meat and tail meat. Some people even eat something called whale bacon. Yuck! This is what people call whale tail meat when they eat it. They call it sashimi or taki. Another magore predator is a killer whale. These whales are the only known whale to attack fin whales. Mostly kid or baby killer whales attack them. I don't know about you but i think a fin whales diet is very interesting.

Fin whales are hunted by japanese for meat

Why is a fin whale endangered?

Did you know there's only 50,000 fin whales left in the world? First, these creatures are endangered because of hunting. Humans hunt them for their meat, oil, and balin. Next because of ocean noise. Ocean noise is a very long loud sound driving fin whales away from some places they need to live in to survive. Sometimes even causing them to strande and ultimately die. Last but not least we have commercial whaling. Commercial whaling is when people kill them and sell or trade their meat. Please if you ever see someone commercial whaling or hunting tell them to stop. Want to know another reason fin whales are endangered? Vessel strikes is one. A vessel strike is any collision between any underwater animal and a ship. Another reason is entanglement. Entanglement is when a whale gets tangled up in fishing gear. As you can see a fin whale is endangered and we have to help!

Fin whales can be sometimes very funny!

How can we help fin whales?

This is how we can help fin whales not become extinct! First we can make new laws! If we make new laws about not killing fin whales and other whales there's a better chance they'll survive. Next, we can donate to fin whale rescues. Some are oceanic society, green space, and the defenders of wildlife. Another idea is we could hang up posters. The more people know about fin whales the less they will get killed. Another one is reducing speed when you're out on a boat. If you do, it's most likely that you won't hit something. As you can see you can save these creatures if we try!

Thank you for reading about fin whales!


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