Modern Homesteading By connor Dorr

Homesteading is the idea of semi to complete self sustainability in all aspects of life.

Homesteading not always possible for people who live in cities because they don't have any land or space to grow their food or raise animals.

To be a completely self sustaining homesteader about 20 acres of land is needed, but regular people can take part in certain aspects of homesteading with as little as 1 acre.

Chickens are a great first step to homesteading because of the eggs they produce and their meat.

Ducks are another great start to homesteading because they are low maintenance and they produce eggs meat and they don't destroy the lawn like chickens do.

Bees are great for newbie homesteaders because they require very little maintenance and they produce loads of honey to sell or trade for other foods.

Homesteaders also have garden beds which provide almost all the food that doesn't come from the animals.

These small garden beds can provide almost all of your favorite foods such as potatoes, carrots, asparagus, lettuce, cucumbers, and basically anything else that you like to eat.

Created By
Connor Dorr


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