Wedding at Tiffany's Nicole & Randy's Sideways Story

This is a Story of how a Catamaran & Tropical Storm lead to an Impromptu Wedding At Tiffany & Co

Randy & Nicole had been planning a beautiful Destination Wedding with 20 of their closest friends and Family members aboard a Catamaran in Naples Florida.. When the the Weather Channel called for Tropical Storm Alberto to cover the Gulf Coast of Florida, the beautiful wedding day they have been dreaming of was in jeopardy.

Randy & Nicole met online, like most modern couples. They quickly realized that their connection was far too real for it to be anything other than fate. Randy bought Nicole a gorgeous Engagement Ring back home at Tiffany and Co. in Mayfield Ohio. Little did he know this decision will tie in the destiny of their wedding day a year later.

During a family vacation, The couple fell in love with Naples Florida and knew that this had to be the place that they exchanged their vows.

On the day of their wedding, "Alberto", the first named storm of the year, had been brewing in the Gulf of Mexico. Forecast showed dangerous conditions, and the Governor even declared a State Of Emergency for Florida. Distraught, Nicole and Randy took a trip to Naples Beach in the early afternoon hours on their wedding day to see the weather conditions for themselves. While they were scrambling and also fighting the storm, they decided the least they could do to prepare was to take a trip to Tiffany & Co in Naples, and get Nicole's Ring cleaned.

At Tiffany & Co at the Waterside Shops in Naples, Florida, they met Store Director Franni Stevens.

Franni at Tiffany’s was so excited that it was our wedding day. She actually jumped up and down when she heard. As we were walking back to get the rings cleaned she said she hoped our wedding wasn’t outside. We explained that it was and she blurted out, you should do it here. Randy even teased that she shouldn’t say that if she can’t back it up. She took my ring and disappeared. Several minutes later Franni reappeared with Ashton, and both of them sincerely offered up the store for our first look pictures, the ceremony, or both. Randy and I talked for about an hour before deciding that going on the catamaran was too dangerous, so we put into motion the change of venue to Tiffany’s.
Nicole & her father, walking down the aisle at Tiffany & Co , Waterside Shops, Naples Florida.
Nicole's Mother watching her daughter walk down the aisle at Tiffany & Co.
Left to Right, Ashton, Randy, Nicole & Franni @ Tiffany & Co, Waterside Shops, Naples Florida

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