Classifying Products

It is important to understand the different classifications of products within the Sport and Leisure Industry. Marketers put them into groups that represent either consumer products or business to business products.

Consumer products include:

Classified by how long they last:

Durable: Products that provide a benefit over a long period e.g. Refrigerator Nondurable: Products that provide a benefit over a short time e.g. Toothpaste

Classified by how consumers buy them:

Convenience Products: products that are frequently purchased with little effort e.g. staples (bread and milk), impulse products (chocolate bars), emergency products (drain cleaner). Shopping Products: products that are selected with considerable time and effort. e.g. attribute-based (shoes), price-based (drain cleaner). Speciality Products: Products that have unique characteristics to the buyer. e.g. favourite restaurant, Rolex watch. Unsought Product: Products that consumers have little interest in until need arises. e.g. Retirement plans.

Business to Business Products

Equipment: e.g. capital equipment or buildings, accessory equipment (computer terminals)

Raw Materials: e.g. textiles (for sports apparel)

Speciality services: i.e. legal services and insurance services.

Maintenance, Repair and Operating Products: e.g. maintenance products, repair products, operating supplies (paper, chemicals, stationary).

You should now apply these principles to the sport and leisure industry. Choose 1 organisation and identify firstly the consumer products (services) that they offer and then identify the business-to-business products that they need to operate effectively. You should then consider how the business-to-business products contribute to the overall product/service offered by the chosen organisation.

You should add your thoughts onto the forum labelled Products and Services in the Sport and Leisure Industry.


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