The New England Section is the best! north Carolina, south Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, geogia

There are many reasons why you should come and live in the New England Section which includes North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and Georgia

Why Colonist should Come to the New England section

You should definitely move to the New England section. Here, we have very nice weather, fertile soil and even great land to grow crops. People move to the New England section to do lots of great things. Many of them are down below.


The Geography is great in the New England section. The weather is constantly warm and the soil is great and fertile for you to grow crops. The land is great!

This is an example of the crops that are grown in the New England section


This section is great with their economy. They rely on agriculture, they have small farms and large plantations, Also, they have very long growing seasons so they can make more money and they grow tobacco, rice and indigo. Lastly, the first house was made the council of state and the governors advisory and the London company selected its members. In the southern section there is a local government. A great fact is that they expanded their economy by exporting ship building materials such as wood and tar. The politics are very great in this section.


The first law for supporting religious tolerance in the English Colonies. The toleration Act was another law passed, however it did not stop all religious conflict. It did not show that the government wanted to offer some religious freedom and to protect the rights of the minority group.

This is what old money looks like😕😑


Long ago, they enslaved African Americans to do their hard labor but that is all over now. Now, they have passed slave laws. This section has passed many laws, but they are only there to protect you so you can't get hurt. ☺

This pictures described freedom because it is a knight and knights help and serve.

These are many reasons why you should come to the southern section. I hope you consider it!!


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