FLMNH Tour by Caroline Pope

if you look closely you will see the butterflies casually resting on the plants :)

Nature on display

I enjoyed the butterfly gardens the most during my visit to FL Museum of Natural History. I felt immersed in nature and my interest was piqued in regards to my five senses. I was hearing all the small sounds and seeing all the minute details that I normally would not notice in everyday life. If it weren't for nature being on display as it was at the butterfly garden I would not have been able to experience the fullness and unity with nature so fully. If I was merely observing photographs it would not have been as real of an experience. I found it very appealing to be surrounded by sunlight, butterflies, and colorful flowers. The bright colors gave me sense of happiness, joy and peace. Additionally I think the fact that I was completely immersed is what made it enjoyable. If I just got to observe nature from an outside perspective I would not have appreciated as much as I did. The interactivity of the display made it a tranquil experience that I would definitely want to relive.

Nature and ethics

Leopold, the father of wildlife conservation, upholds that we must appreciate the land for its true value, not only its economic value. He calls on us to love and respect it and be biotic "members" of it versus conquerors of it. I truly felt I was a member and an inhabitant of the earth, like a true creature in God's kingdom, rather than a user of the land. By experiencing the fullness of the waterfalls, the sun, and the butterflies flying around me I was aided in being a member rather than a conqueror.

nature and the human spirit

FLMNH has helped me to gain a new perspective outside of my own in the sense that I have gotten to experience creatures from other habitats such as rainforests around the globe, and I have through this, been provided the opportunity of looking at nature and my own personal habitat through a new critical lens.

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