Customer Service

Customer service is really important because at a business people need to work really hard so they can have more people come in to what every they are doing. But if you screw something up it can make a big impact on your job.

My first customer service experience was about a month ago, my family and I went to the coast to visit our tribe coseno and we stayed at a motel some where. But the people who worked there kept yelling at the customers and even us. Every time i tried to talk she/he would cut me off every time! And I was going to the bath room they kept telling me to get out and yelling loud as they can and when my brother was in there they made him cry the whole time we where there. They kept telling us to be quite and stop doing this and that. But we stayed because it was a long ride to the coseno and it was not that costy.

My second one is that I went to Golden Coral in Spokane I went to the desert spot to get my uncle rice crispy treats for him and once I got over there they were putting a new batch down and when I was grabbing one I saw that there was long strands of hair on top of them. I asked why was there hair on them and the person who i was talking to he just shrugged at me. And he tried to kick me out but i kept asking why was there hair but no he did not say a word except, "Get out of here!"

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