Rule of Thirds

In each of these images, I used the rule of thirds. I used this rule to catch the viewers eyes. To use my photo of the pipe as an example, the pipe is the focal point 2/3 of the way to the top left corner leading the eyes down to the wet rock.


In this photograph of the bee, I used leading lines to lead the viewer's eye across the light to the two insects. I also used the Polar Editing Page to edit the color tone. I changed the color tone to a green tint to bring out the leaves.

A Little Bit of Everything

In these photos I used many different things in one picture. I used black and white for a monochrome look. Then with the sunset picture I used the leading lines. In the photo with my niece I used the photo of thirds and I changed the background to have it make more stable looking color.

Still Life

Tis' the season. In these photos I mostly changed the brightness and contrast. In one photo I turned my saturation way low to make it appear as if the red colors popped out. In the other photo that has the lights in the front with the ornaments in the background I turned my saturation up to make the photo seem warmer. It enhanced the gold and the reds to give it a more homely feeling. In my last photo I just decreased my contrast and made it little bit lighter.


In these photos I used many different tools to edit them. The one with my niece I used the clone tool to change the background to all green. Then I added more of her hair to make it cover the wall and add more definition to her face. I made it to where there was one main point to the image.


In this photo of the stairs, I used the burn tool to create darker contrast. Doing so it made the highlights of the photo look more natural. I also used the burn tool to make my shadows have more composition. The stairs lead your eyes to the wall and the darker stones then lead your eyes to me being the main subject of the photo.

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