Three Agricultural Revolutions BY: Torii schwieters

First Agricultural Revolution

Domesticated Farming

The first agricultural revolution began some 11,000 years ago. People were hunting and gathering up to the point where they discovered crops in many different areas ofthe world.

The agricultural hearths.

Crops where mainly grown/founded in only certain areas at the time of the revolution including corn in South America, rice in China, wheat barley and peas in the Near East Region, and squash in Mexico.

Crops first planted in the revolution
5 agricultural hearths

The 5 agricultural hearths are where the first domesticated plants were found. In Mexico and Northern South America there were things such as squash and pepper. In Africa there was mainly yam that was domesticated. In areas like Iraq there was barley, wheats, and rye. In China they domesticated rice, which is now used greatly there. Lastly, around the Philippines there were mangos.

The first agricultural revolution was mainly about the domestication of plants and animals. Sometimes you may hear it being called the Neolithic Revolution as well. This revolution changed our world in a big way, without it things wouldn't be the same. It help create cities, economies, and governments. During the Revolution people began settling and cultivating crops. These crops became domesticated as did animals that were farmed and used as food. People started to change how they got their food and they began setting in areas with good soil for farming. With all the changes made to agriculture, it radically changed the environment of our country.

Second Agricultural Revolution

New machinery was created.

The second agricultural revolution was around the same time as the industrial revolution, meaning there was new machinery founded/created. This all took place around the 1900's. This revolution improved the efficiency of farming with the use of the new found tools. This revolution was based on the greater use of technology.

the differences between machinery

During this revolution, farming changed quite a bit. Things didn't change as drastically very quickly, as you would think, these advancements took time. They started as horse pulled equipment and slowly changed into big technically advanced tractors, plows, and seed drills. Like what was mentioned earlier, this took place around the same time as the industrial revolution so that is the main reason for the technological advancements made.

Third Industrial Revolution

The third industrial revolution was/is the time where there are technological innovations and new scientific farming methods. This can be heard of as the "green revolution." This occurred starting in the early to late 1900's up to it still partially going on now. This revolution helped with the discovering of biotechnology and mechanization. This is when the big huge tractors were made and used more and more.

This revolution was also called the green revolution and that was the increase in grain production with the goal to get rid of hunger. This including miracle rice in Latin America and India. This was something that was created and is still gonging on. It was all meant for a good cause.

Modern day farming has changed a lot by the way things have gone throughout all the three revolutions. Today we have larger more efficient tractors and equipment which make everything faster and easier. This uses less labor from other people and everything get processed faster.


GMO means genetically modified organism. These are plants and animals chnaged as a result of biotechnology. These can include giving chickens special food to make them grow bigger and faster. Advantages can be they are sometimes have more nutritional value and a higher resistance to weeds. Disadvantages can include mixing genes from different organisms, wrong labeling when marketed and the consequences not being fully understood.


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