I Survived by:Kawika By LaurEn Tarshis

It was January 12, 1888, Groton, Dakota territory. 8-year-old Walter Allen jumped out of bed and it was warmer than usual. Within minutes he was ready for school and his family kissed him goodbye,and then he was off to school.

Walter's desk at his school.

People coming to Walter's school after a few weeks of being inside were dressed in spring-like clothes because the weather had changed overnight. The weather had changed from 40 degrees below zero to 20 degrees above zero. Some children were inside the school and some were standing outside looking at the golden sky.Some of the students were confused about the weather change and John Buckmiller thought that there is something wrong, and he was right.

Three weather systems were getting ready to crash together and create a blizzard.

Blizzard created by 3 weather systems

Walter was at his desk writing on his chalkboard, and then he heard a loud disruptive sound. He ran to the window and saw so much snow that it looked like it was nighttime. People within the community got sleds, and the children were loaded onto the sleds to take them home.


Blizzard 1888.

The students, including Walter were loaded onto the sleds. He remembered his water bottle and jumped off the sled to get it. He was looking for the sleds and ran into the street, but the wind kept knocking him down. He got back up multiple times. He tried to get back up and finally curled into a ball. No one noticed that he was not on the sled. All of his school friends were at home.

Walter's destroyed house

The plains state were not good a place to live because it was cold and snowy in the Winter.

There were children that day who were thankful to their teachers that they had survived. Once there were 2 children who were lost but then they saw a tree that looked like something they had seen before that gave them the chance to follow the familiar trees and they eventually found their way home. When Walter's father found out that his own child had been missing he went to find him and Walter's older brother Will came to help find Walter as well. Walter's father left without Will and now both of the Allen brothers were lost in the blizzard.

Walter's brother Will was crawling on the ground looking for Walter and then he felt a little bump...it was Walter unconscious,but breathing.So Will carried Walter home and his dad was extremely pleased to see him again.


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