Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Education Centre Lecture Theatre Upgrade

Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is one of Yorkshire’s leading acute Trusts consisting three main hospital sites and employing over 6,000 members of staff in clinical, medical and corporate roles. Pure AV was appointed to design, install and support the new facilities.

Enhancing the conference experience

As one of only six teaching hospitals in Yorkshire, the Trust has a crucial role to play in the provision of medical training for students, practising clinicians and healthcare workers.

Already host to several prestigious international conferences and masterclass events; the Trust wanted to ensure the facilities in the Education Centre Lecture Theatre matched the quality of the high-profile guest speakers, training and events hosted in the space.

Challenges with the sound, connectivity and image quality, meant that the experience of presenters within the Lecture Theatre was not always as clean and straightforward as the staff at the Education Centre would like. The imminent transition of the Trust from the N3 to HSCN network presented a further complication as provision needed to be made to ensure the Centre’s video conferencing system would remain available post-network-transfer.

As a result, it was decided to invest in the upgrade of the audiovisual facilities within the Lecture Theatre and after a competitive tender and consultative approach with selected integrators, Pure AV was appointed to design, install and support the new facilities.

Greater control from behind the scenes

One of the first areas to be addressed by the upgrade was the ability for Centre Staff to provide technical support during conferences.

The existing position of the audiovisual equipment within the lectern at the front of the lecture theatre made the discreet intervention of Centre Staff impossible.

The addition of a new custom Quadra workstation at the back of the theatre enabled the relocation and upgrade of control and switching equipment and the creation of an AV technician’s desk from which to manage events.

Now with access to the AV equipment, a queueing monitor, AMX touch panel and additional portable iPad, the Centre Staff can provide the level of support the increased volume of high-profile conferences and international masterclasses demands.

A better audience experience

A typical session within the Lecture Theatre can involve video conferencing of remote experts and guest-speakers, presentation and lecture capture.

Many of these will be streamed direct to external, national and international, audiences via YouTube Live as well as archived on the Trust’s intranet.

To improve the audience experience, whether remote or within the lecture theatre, the core presentation equipment was upgraded. New Epson laser projectors now provide enhanced brightness and High Definition image quality with the flexibility to operate the main presentation screen as a dual-screen or one single large image.

The switch to laser has also reduced the maintenance burden significantly, an important consideration given that the ceiling-mounted position of the projectors above the seating area makes any intervention costly and time-consuming.

Alongside the upgrade to the projectors, the introduction of a new system for audio distribution and amplification has resolved previous issues with audio coverage and ensures there is even coverage across the Lecture Theatre.

The introduction of an audio frequency induction loop system provides assistive listening for those with hearing difficulties.

Previous installation and AV design had left little consideration to the audience position and audio pickup in a high ceiling and tiered theatre.

Pure AV’s redesign and audio mapping has provided an excellent audio experience for all audience positions, for both voice enhancement and presentation audio.

The process of lecture capture and live streaming has been simplified and improved through the introduction of the Extron SMP351.

The Extron solution offers the capability to record and stream simultaneously and offers sizeable local storage to enable quick editing before the transfer of recorded content onto the Trust’s intranet.

Flexible and simple control

There is the option to keep things simple for the presenter, allowing them to connect wirelessly to the system using the Kramer Via or by a direct HDMI connection.

An AMX touchpanel provides the lecturer with a simple to follow user interface while a 22” NEC monitor acts as a confidence monitor during presentations.

When required for the support of conferences and events, full control of the system is possible from the new AV technician’s desk at the back of the theatre.

Audio mixing tweaks, changing screen layouts and source selections can all be carried out by the centre’s technical support team, leaving presenters to concentrate on the task of delivering their presentations.

Video conferencing continuity

Video conferencing plays a central role in the training and conferences that take place within the Lecture Theatre and with the Trust’s imminent transfer from the N3 to new HSCN network, it was essential to maintain access to those capabilities.

The existing Polycom HDX VC system currently used within the theatre was maintained to avoid disruption until the Trust is ready to complete the transfer across to HSCN.

In preparation for that moment, a new Starleaf video conferencing system was also introduced and seamlessly ‘piggy-backed’ to the VC and Presentation solution.

The Teamline Starleaf GTM 5250 is designed to integrate securely with Microsoft Skype for Business and other Cloud based UC and VC frameworks and allows the Trust to make video calls using the same interface already familiar to the Lecture Theatre users.

And, as a solution that sits within the HSCN, it provides the Lecture Theatre with a secure and reliable way to continue its use of video collaboration within training and conference events.

Extending the reach of experts

Improvements to the facilities have not gone unnoticed by room users.

“The annual ENT masterclass held at the Centre was the first real test of the new facilities, and I’m pleased to say it passed with flying colours. The conference is a flagship event for Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals.
It brings together clinical experts from around the World where they share their expertise, demonstrate recent medical breakthroughs in patient care and celebrate their collective achievements.
This year, the improvements in facilities were widely recognised, and I feel proud to be able to offer such a fantastic environment for our clinicians and medical professionals.”

Sarah Fariclough, Education, Technology & Resource Officer - Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Increasing participation in high-quality healthcare training

One of the key strategic goals for the Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is to share high-quality expertise and training as widely as possible, and the system has already proven its worth in the attainment of that goal.

The recent masterclasses held at the Trust are a great example of how the new facilities in the Lecture Theatre can extend the reach of their sessions.

Not only to the other hospitals in the Trust but also out to the Trust’s channel on YouTube, allowing even more people to participate.

As for the support from Pure AV throughout the project, the feedback from the team at the Trust is glowing.

“We received fantastic support from Pure AV throughout this installation.
The Account Manager and Project Manager were always quick to respond to any of my queries. No issue was ever too big and Pure AV accommodated alterations to the original specifications without any issues.”

Sarah Fariclough, Education, Technology & Resource Officer - Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

362 Leach Place, Walton Summit, Preston, PR5 8AS

0845 602 2861


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