POV: TKAM By: Ashton smith

Tom Robinson: At The Trial

I can't believe that I have been accused for such a ridiculous accusation. All I ever did was help Mayella, why is she trying to throw my life down the drain. I climbed her fence almost everyday, fixing her furniture, reaching items on a shelf she can't reach, and lifting boxes into her house. I did this everyday for the past year and asked for nothing in return because it was just a friendly gesture. Now, I'm sitting in a hot cell waiting for the jury to decide my fate. I can't remember a single piece of compelling evidence submitted by the prosecution. We proved that my left hand is screwed up so I couldn't have hurt the right side of her face. We also pointed out that Bob Ewell is a drunk and is also left-handed so he probably beat his daughter. Both sides had stories and there 2 stories were not believable, but they do have one huge advantage against me, the color of their skin. At the moment, I am fearing the worst, but whatever happens I must thank Atticus for helping me.

Bob Ewell: After the Trial

Atticus Finch must be one of the most despicable people of all time! Why in hell's name is he defending a black man. He knows gosh darn well that in today's society white's are above black people and that whatever we say goes above their word. Did he honestly think that the jury was going to believe all of the crap that he showed in the courthouse. I bet, now that he attempted to defend Tom Robinson, he is the most hated person in the whole town. He is definitely getting dirty looks as he walks down the street and he has lost all of his respect in the town and now everyone looks down on him, hehe. I will get revenge on him though. I could spit in his face, beat him up, kill him, or even better, kill his beloved children. Atticus Finch is going to rue the day that he ever crossed Bob

Jem Scout: After the Bob Ewell Attack

I woke up today, not knowing where I was. I had a huge headache and I was so curious as to why Atticus and Scout were both sitting on my bed. I asked Atticus for some painkillers and he went to the kitchen to get some. When he left, I asked Scout what happened and she told me that last night we both almost died. I couldn't believe what I had heard. I was about to ask how and why until Atticus came back in. Surprisingly, he told me exactly what happened, down to the very last detail. He said Bob Ewell tried to kill the 2 of us in the woods, but I fought him off which gave Scout enough time to leave. I was so confused because if I was knocked out, why am I not dead. Atticus told me that I was saved by Boo Radley and he brought me back to our house. Scout quickly chimed in pointing out that she saw Boo Radley and now they are best buds. I did not care for the story until I heard this. I cannot believe that I was the only one who was unable to see Boo Radley! :(

Mrs. Dubose: The House Fire

I was tending to my garden today, when I smelt something burning. I turned around to see that my house was on fire. I quickly ran through the neighborhood screaming for help and somebody must have called the fire department because later I heard sirens. The whole town was quickly surrounding my house and the caring men of the community were sprinting into my house to get my belongings. I really wanted to help, but I couldn't as I am too old to be running into burning buildings. I was even comforted by people of the town because I was crying as I saw my house slowly burning into nothing but soot. The men got out all that they could, bless them, before it became too dangerous for anyone to go inside. After the fire I was comforted by the whole community. I am so happy that I live in such a caring and loving town, I hope nothing happens to split it up. Anyway, at least I can grow a new garden that is twice as large and beautiful.


Mr. Crooke's purpose in creating this assignment was to show us what it feels like to see things from a different point of view. He wanted us to feel what it was like to not only read about the characters in To Kill a Mockingbird, but to be them as well. This story strongly expresses the need not to be quick to judge people. To Kill A Mockingbird tells us how important it is to take a look at a situation from a another point of view. This assignment and this story will not only help us out with our English grade, but it is going to help in real life. When we are older we will be able to see the huge importance of this. When we see someone going through a tough time, we will be able to look at things from the other person's point of view. Nobody says it better than Atticus who said, "You can nver really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view... until you climb in his skin and walk around in it."


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