Digital Tools and Technoloy By GARIN WILLIAMS

Digital literacy- Is being comfortable and competent using digital tools and techniques in a responsible manner, to search and learn from digital information as well as producing digital content and collaborating effectively

Digital technology- Is a base two process. Digitised information is recorded in binary code of combinations of the digits 0 and 1, also called bits, which represent words and images

YOUTUBE is a search engine where anyone can upload videos of their choice. It is used mainly for entertainment, but it can also used for an eductaional function.

Advantages? There are may advantages to using YouTube as an educational fucntion, such as it can be accesed on a 24 hour basis aslong as you have internet access, It can be watched live but also is available to pause and rewind. Due to YouTube being one of the worlds most popular search engines, when reasearching a certain subject for example, a wide range of videos will show, this is an advantage due to having more than one video to watch which could exapnd your knowledge of the subject you have searched.

When have I used YouTube for my personal learning? I have used this particular search engine in the past to watch practical videos, such as how to change a car tyre. From watching the video live I followed what the person was doing the same time i was changing the car tyre, if I missed a step or was confused on whats happening i would just rewind the video back and look over what i was confused on.

Khan Academy - This website can be used for educational purposes only, it has many subject within it, ranging from Mathematics to Art.

Advantages? Khan Acedamy has many advantges such as it allowing you too have 24 hour access aslong as there is internet available, it is free of use so no payments are needed, it ranges from Primary school level to Degree level. This website is very reliable due to it not allowing acess to the site, this means that noone can edit any questions or answers, if this did happen the site would be no use due to there being unreliable information.

When have i used Khan Academy for my own educational use? When undertaking GCSE's in year 11, i struggled with trigonometry in Mathematics. So when i used this website it first expalined to me what trigonometry was and its purpose and then when onto a step by step guide on how to work out an equation. From using this i had a B in the subject.


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