AGP Video Class Journal Andrea Dolan

This is my learning journal for the Adobe Video Class that I am taking. I have a difficult time keeping up with things so I am going to use this to avoid misplacing it. I hope it will make it easier for me to actually add things to it also. I am not much of a writer so maybe this will help.

Video Class Assignment One:

Problem: Create a video introducing myself to the class by stating my name, where I am from and what I expect to learn in this class.

Process: I really am camera shy so this was difficult for me. I don't believe I look presentable on video. But I knuckled down and did it anyway. I used my phone to create a short video stating my name, location, and course expectations. As feared, I look terrible. Ah, well. I uploaded it to YouTube. The instructions said YouTube or Vimeo, but Vimeo appears to be having issues at my place of employment, so I used YouTube. I then copied the link and uploaded it to my assignment.


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