How marijuana is beneficial. Kiara Ramirez


Drastically: Extremely or very.

Compulsive: irresistible urge, something that someone can not stop doing.

Embracing: To accept or support.

Hankering: A strong need for something

Ubiquitous: Present or found everywhere

Reinvested: to place money or invest into the same product again.

Escalated: To quickly rise

If marijuana has all these bad symptoms, why create so many more things containing this product?

The reason to why people continue moving and “ improving” marijuana products is because producers will make more money, producers already know consumers are looking for new ways to use marijuana and it’s not only used for medicinal reasons, it’s also used for recreational reasons. For many users it’s for recreational reasons they use it to smoke it and get high to relive some type of inter pain they have. But in all reality it doesn't help the person in general, Pharmacist Leigh Ann Anderson says "often have the same respiratory problems as cigarette smokers." and also she says "marijuana affects brain function, the ability to do complex tasks could be compromised, as well as the pursuit of academic, athletic" So many people won't be able to keep up with what they are capable of doing without the drug.

What are some reasons why people assume marijuana is an okay product to be sold?

One of the main reasons why people would buy marijuana is because they believe it leads to happiness and being peaceful, but smoking or eating marijuana has its effects such as losing brain cells etc. Then again, there are some students and adults that prove that marijuana has no effect to how a student studies in high school or college, because either way they get their work done maybe some aren't as well as others but it gets done in an acceptable way. The schools and education point might have no not have been proven but let's move on to in general, what about their life in the future? In the future many people believe and have lived that marijuana can cause to using a stronger drug such as heroin and meth and those drug are a proven fact that it destroys' people's life and instead of living there life like they want to live they end up in a rehab center recovering of what first started off as a simple drug. Despite it's affects many teens and so called "adults" use this drug because they think it leads it to a level of freedom when you're on the high and they have something to fight for.

How much more money will marijuana make after the years pass and more states start making it legal?

Marijuana stores are starting to make their stores more modern like any luxury store, So people are fooled that the marijuana sold there is luxury, Changing the appearance of drug dealing so it is more appealing to a wider audience, Shan li, writer from La times says, "Instead of queuing up, shoppers are encouraged to browse the store on their own. Against one wall, refrigerators contain edibles such as marijuana-infused lemon bars. On the other, open shelves and hooks hold a variety of products" This store looks like any other store and more and more consumers are investing money into it. The age is no longer a problem marijuana users have been proven to be younger than 18 at the most, The stores even have a bud pods where consumers can take whiffs of the product sold. so they give samples who wouldn't go in there?

Why didn’t they think of the consequences before they made it legal?

Colorado is one of the most known states known as with legal marijuana and in colorado people no longer care about getting caught with foods that contain marijuana the law no longer cares if what age is smoking it as the only thing that is done is that producers do not and can not sell to teenagers, Jack Healy says," Now, any Colorado resident who is 21 can buy up to an ounce of marijuana at one of the 40 dispensaries that began selling to retail customers Wednesday." But in general in a regular store that sells' marijuana must see a medical card that states the person is using it for medical reasons. That's, not the only extraordinary thing happening here, even the government is trying to find new ways to sell marijuana. And they have done what was meant to happen because people now grow there own plant, but don't worry they have a maximum of 6 plants to be grown in each household. Consumers can not grow the marijuana unless they have a licence. Which doesn't exactly stop anyone from growing it because the government no longer cares once they have it.

How did people make a living from weed?

Now, let's take it back a couple years let's say to the 1970's, In 1970 people in california were growing “ 40 buckets” of kush Why? because they were making a living out of this drug many people bought this drug for their own reasons probably the same as now, back then producers sold marijuana more for medical uses than recreational and for that reason marijuana was sold for very high prices. But its wasn't all bad back then because whatever they got for their weed is what the government used for schools and health clinics etc. Many store owners had expected to only sell in that one place but many owners decided to expand and go on further and that is how the legalization of marijuana is so expanded now because now we have 20 states that have legalized marijuana for medical uses but we all know that it's more recreational use than medical.

If it ever becomes fully legal to use marijuana will people use this to an advantage or a disadvantage?

Well let's tie all of this together shall we, now that we have seen the advantages and disadvantages and how people seem to be using it nowadays let's answer the question there are a handful of people who will use it for what its for but those that don't well it doesn't matter because people can buy a whole plant or just a gram of it from the state bought but the only thing keeping in that state is that they can't leave until all the weed purchased is gone and many companies are evolving there are many edibles that contain marijuana such as, chocolate, caramels, cookies, macarons, pretzels, rice crispy treats etc. and people are buying these almost everyday many store owners hope that he can sell these edibles to adults without it being a crime. Even though the physical marijuana can be sold editables still haven't made it to the list. California sells a lot of weed so anything that happens in california will definitely affect the united states. California makes enough money to do anything so they are waiting to see what that state will do with all that money, but colorado isn't far behind Colorado brought 36 million dollars worth in taxes coming from recreational marijuana, which in all defence at least it's being used to pay the government back. Others see marijuana as a bad thing that will create people who eventually become addicted, but what they don’t see is that many people find is very useful because it helps those who need it.


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