Pointer v. Texas, 1965 By: percy Dailey

Pointer v. Texas was a trial on a man Bob Granville. Witnesses say they saw the man go into a 7-11 store, and rob it. They said he entered to 7-11 and robbed the manager Kenneth Phillips for over $300. Later hes was caught and the cops arrested him for robbing Phillips for $375 by assault. Neither of the suspects had lawyers. They tried to say Phillips had moved out of Texas never to return. He swore that he had never been in the 7-11 store. He was Denied to call on a witness. The trial judge overruled because Pointer was present at the preliminary hearing, and Pointer was convicted of murder. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals affirmed his conviction, rejecting Pointer's claim that the use of the transcript violated his rights under the Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments.

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