To Kill a Mockingbird Point of view assignment By aidan link

Entry Number 1: Atticus Shoots Tim Johnson

Point of view: Jem

The best shot in the town? How come Atticus has never told me this? Wow! The best shot in the town, Atticus is cool. Sure he can't play football or anything else that I want to play but that was amazing. I hope Miss Maudie can tell me more about this! I can't believe Atticus never told me about this maybe he can teach me to shoot too, no wonder everyone respects him so much. Atticus must have kept this from me because he knew that I would have to try it if he had ever shown me before. How has no one in the town ever mentioned a word of this too me? I wonder if he told Scout, he better not have that would be completely unfair. I have to go talk to Atticus about this, hes like a super hero he took Tim Johnson right out no wonder no one messes with him.

Tom Robinson is Conviced

Point of View: Jem

What is wrong with these people? Atticus explained to me the details just as he has done here and they are quite clear, simple, easy to believe. How can not one of these people think this is wrong, how can not a single person stand up to the town other than Atticus. Atticus might not be able to play football like the other dads and he may read a lot but he has way more courage than anyone else in this whole town. It is ridiculous that Mayella Ewell would lie for her father after all that he has done to her. I can't believe Tom is going to have to go to jail now! Where is the justice in the justice system if he has to go to jail for doing absolutely nothing wrong? These people in Maycomb have problems how can they be so messed up in their head that they can't make an honest decision on an innocent man only because he has a different colored skin!?

Atticus Leaves the Courthouse

Point of View: Atticus

I don't understand why these people stand for me when I've failed to save their friend. I've failed in thier mission to save Tom but also succeeding in teaching my children a valuable lesson. I took a case knowing that I would lose it. Was this the right lesson for my children or am I only teaching them that once again I have failed, that evil and racism always wins no matter how little sense that this makes. Have I failed in teaching my kids courage, will they be able to see past the verdict too what I was truly trying to teach them or will this only hurt their view of the town? Jem looks crushed as well as Scout, have I just taken away their hope in justice? How could we lose this trial, how can racism completely trump a mans dignity to tell the truth, his will to be right rather than conform to those around him.

Mr. Ewell is Dead

Point of View: Atticus

How could I have let this happen to my children? I was bold in taking a trial thinking I could teach my children a lesson and in doing so I almost got them killed. I wasn't even there to save them when they needed me the most in their life. Have I failed in parenting my children? I put their safety at risk for what my own dignity? What kind of fathering is that? Now my kids a killer a murderer, my own child has killed a man. What do I do now? He must be tried, the justice system will surely let him go as he's only a child but if hes not tried I'll go completely against what I've taught them. My Jem is a killer, I have made him a killer because I wasn't there to save him, to defend him. What have I done? I should have known that such a man would do something so disgusting.


I found this assignment to be very beneficial too myself and my understanding of the story To Kill A Mockingbird. While considering the different thoughts of characters other than Scout in the story it allowed me to have a better understanding of what the characters were going through in these key moments and gave me time that I wouldn't have taken on my own to really ponder what these characters must have been thinking in that time period. Never before this book specifically but also this assignment did I have such a good understanding for what racism in this time period was really like and the major role and effects it had in a society although I'm sure I'll never truly understand how awful this really was. This assignment also let me come around to the thought of how much progress we have made in 60 years. Thankfully although racism is still relevant and alive it is on a much smaller scale and has a lot less of a role in decisions of people which limits the effects that it can have on society.

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