Time Management Self-Study Learning objective 1

Semester Plan

Weekly Plan

Daily Plan

Plan Monitor:

Monday October 31:

Tuesday November 1:

Wednesday October 2:

Evaluation: Woke up and went to sleep at the times in my schedule. Did not review as long as indicated in my schedule. This is most likely due to being easily distracted and losing interest. Had meals at the indicated times except breakfast on Tuesday. This was due to the large amount of Chemistry lab homework I had to do. Skipped workout on Wednesday because I went on a hike for Geology. Trivia night was not on my schedule, so my review times got pushed back. Small group on Wednesday was earlier, so my review times happened earlier. There was slightly too much free time in my schedule. This free time could be replaced by more review time, more workout time, or instead of video games, doing something more healthy like jogging or reading. My plan got me to go bed earlier and got more consistent hours of sleep.

Quadrant Graph

Revised Weekly Plan

This new plan gives me more time to study during the day by saving free time for the end of the day. This new plan also introduces more activities like walking at the Botanical Gardens and going to small group.


Experiment: Go to bed at 11:00 and wake up at 8:40 everyday for a week. Observe improvements in alertness, mood, and focus.

Results: While I sometimes went to bed at 11:15, I completed the experiment with little trouble.

Reflection: This experiment did not improve my mood, focus, and alertness. In fact, I found myself waking up in the middle of the night several times a night. This occasionally happened to me outside of the experiment but not nearly as often. My mood, focus, and alertness felt no difference during this experiment, and I had trouble finding things to do in the morning on days where my first class wasn't until the afternoon. All in all, this experiment was a failure. This is most likely due to only doing it for a week, so my body did not have time to adjust.


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