Underrated Hunting Gear THAT CAN MAKE OR BREAK A HUNT

Be sure you’ve got this underrated hunting gear on hand.

Hunters are usually selective about the gear they bring in their pack. After all, the more you bring, the more you have to carry. Oftentimes they stick to the gear they know they’ll need and use, but what about the accessories that can make hunting a better experience? From helping draw animals in closer to field dressing a harvest, here are underrated yet essential hunting accessoriesto consider packing for your next trip.


Hunters carry binoculars for obvious reasons, they help to visually cover more ground, locate animals and hopefully count tines. They’ve been a go-to accessory for so long that many hunters often overlook their less bulky counterpart, the monocular. A monocular is a single, handheld lens — instead of the two you find on binoculars — that offers a lightweight alternative to the cumbersome binos around your neck. A monocular can be stored easily and provides a very long visual reach.


Depending on what you’re hunting, consider tossing elk calls into your pack. Hunters might avoid using their game calls once they get into elk because they think their sound might only alert the animals and blow their cover, but in fact, elk calls can help lure the animals to your location. If you’re not an expert in elk calls, not to worry, a little practice goes a long way.

Field Dressing Gloves

This is more of a post-hunt gear essential, but it’s recommend that you never start your day off in the woods without one. A field dressing kit can assist in faster gutting, skinning and quartering so you can get your meat back to the freezer and cooled off. Your kit should include a few different knives, bone saw, rope, gloves, wipes for clean up and game bags.

Scent Control

Eliminating as much of your human odor as possible can help you go undetected and get close enough for a shot. If all else fails, just grab some unscented baby wipes and stuff them in a ziplock bag.

Allen Set

If you’re an archery hunter, then you should never be caught without an allen set. Sticks can get stuck into your bow at odd angles as you drag it behind you, so always be prepared and bring an allen set in your pack in case the accessories on your bow need any adjustment.

Antlers in the Rut

Having antlers with you to draw animals in closer can be the deciding factor for a successful hunt. Antlers are great for being rattled and hooked together, or thrashed up and down a tree, but they aren’t great for tossing in your pack and hitting the trail. To make sure the antlers don’t rattle around in your pack and make unnecessary sound, fasten them together tightly with a short rope and strap down on the exterior of your pack.

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