The ProsecutionofDonaOsborn Hogan Scoggins, joey guMp, brady longnecker, william constantinople.

Dona Osborn has been repeatadley seen for her injuries that occurred over the course of two years by Dr. Lesley Crown, who was been a doctor for fourty years who specializes in family doctoring. Every time Mrs.Osborn was treated Dr.Crown was never told of abuse, or found any signs of abuse. Her only worry was that she was, "clumbsy". Dr. Lynn Johnson who is a law professor at Yale and possesses a Phd in physchology defense. In his study of the case, he came to the conclusion that Mrs. Osborn was not acting as a typical abused wife, and that any person that had suffered from the abuse she claims would have left the home before lethal retaliation.

Dona Osborn is a stone cold killer. She planned her murder out over the course of two years, and left small tracks that she intended to cover her murder. We know she called hotlines for abused women and was offered help and solitary. However she never accepted help, or listened to any of the advice given from the hotlines. She only called these people to leave a trail of evidence of her alleged abuse. However we all know if she truly called these numbers to seek refuge and help she would've accepted it and got herself out of the situation before it came to murder. Additionally, we also know that Dona Osborn was close with Mr. Jack Mathews. Chip even went as far to say they had an affair. We can reasonably assume that Chip had a reason to support this claim as Jack knew the Osborn's address two weeks prior to the murder. This leads us to know that he had been to the house before. I believe Jack had legitement feelings for Dona and wanted to protect her. That is why he gave her the gun, thus explaining the third set of finger prints on the gun. He believed Dona's string of lies regarding the alleged abuse and told her to use the gun to protect herself.

Let's put ourselves in Chip's shoes. Chip came from a successful family and had taken over the family business and had all the stress of its success on his shoulders. He falls in love with Dona while working and then realizes he couldn't have fallen for a worse women. She doesn't help around the house, she is neglagent to their child, she doesn't help Chip with things he can't always get to due to his stressful work life. She is clumbsy and always getting hurt leading to expensive medical bills and refuses be anything less than a freeloader at home. He then realizes that she has only begun working to be closer to her new lover Jack. He knows he's being cheated on can't take the heart break along with the stress of his work life. He needed Dona to be someone he could lean on, instead she takes his love and never returns anything. Now she has fallen for another man and he draws the line. He decides he is done with the marriage and needs to leave. He begins to pack his bags and gather his clothes, as seen by the police officer and not commented on by Dona thus leading us to believe it was not her bag or clothes. As he is preparing to leave Dona he sees she has grabbed the gun he so carefully tried to hide and runs to the garage to get his bat, and before he can grab his defense he is murdered in cold blood.

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