Art portfolio Bella hoekwater

My name is Bella Hoekwater I am a ninth grader at zeeland West. I took art this year so I could gain a better understanding of the art culture. This is my first year of high school art. I truly enjoyed this experience. I learned a lot, I may not be the best. But Mrs. Fuller makes me feel like I am. My goal in life after I graduate would be, traveling. I will still be going to college, just later on. I would like to pursue the career of child psychologist. My thoughts about this class would be that this was an incredible experience for me to gain the knowledge of art that I didn't have before. What I learned throughout this class was how to blend, how to add value, color, texture and demention to my art.

Elements drawings

Blind contour

This was one of the very first things we did in class. We had to try to draw these by feeling the texture of the shell.

Upside down drawing

This drawing we had to look at from upside down and look at the negative spacing.

Contour lines

This picture we also had to draw from negative space.

Negative/positive space drawing

This picture really was really difficult at times because instead of drawing the flowers I had to just use the shape of the flowers. It took me a couple times to try and get the spacing right so it looked good.

Before and after

Before self portrait

This is my before self portrait before I knew how blend and use light/heavy pressures to make my face look like it has more shape.

After self portrait

This is my self portrait after I learned how to blend better and how to use light and heavy pressure to add more deminsion, shape, and texture.

Before and after hand

This is my before and after picture of my hand drawing I don't really don't think there was a big difference btpetween them except the after as value and shape to it the before is more lines.

Before and after stool

In this one I also don't really see a large difference I actually think my after is worse than my before it could be because I did a different stool but I don't really know.


This is my stippling drawing. This picture actually took me the longest ime to finish but I am very proud of the outcome because all tho I wasn't able to use lines I still got it to form the shape of a dog.


This is a side profile of my brother I really think I would have been better if I had more time. But I also think it is much better than my self portrait just because that is when I stIll didn't really understand how to blend very well or how to get the texture of hair look.

Still life

This picture was really hard because I am not very good at using charcoals to get the light and heavy pressure to form the shape and texture of the glass jars.

Scratch board drawing

I think that this may have been the only project I used cross hatching in. Also it was very important that I got the spacing out right other wise it would mess up the shape of the panda.

Two point perspective

I was not good at two point perspectives I won't sugar coat it. I didn't understand how to make the horizons line or vanishing points .

Oil pastel

This was one of the only pictures I used colors in. I think picture has a lot of value.

Although this year has been very enjoyable and productive I did struggled on multiple things. The stippling took me quite a while because it was hard to make lines with out forming an actual line. I never really understood how to cross hatch. Vanishing points and horizons lines have also been sort of tricky for me. I am very proud of how much better I have become at light and heavy pressure to make my drawings look more dimensional than just a shape.

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