Space Technology By: Faizaan Aslam and Qasem Ali

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Slide 4- Key Words

Slide 5- Intro to Q1

Slide 6- Satellites

Slide 7- Smoke Detector

Slide 8- Insulin Pump

Slide 9- Intro to Q2

Slide 10- K- Glove

Slide 11- Microalgae

Slide 12- DHA

Slide 13- Memory Foam

Slide 14- Intro to Q3

Slide 15- Solar Panels

Slide 16- Artificial Limbs

Slide 17- Intro to Q4

Slide 18- Pollution

Slide 19- Expense

Slide 20- Danger of Death

Slide 21- Inquiry Questions

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Slide 23- Conclusion

Slide 24- Bibliography

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Research Questions

Question #1: What space technologies do we use in our everyday lives?

Question #2: How has space technology improved our everyday lives?

Question #3: How has space technology affected human life on earth?

Question #4: What are the disadvantages of space technology to human life on earth?

Key Words:

Space technology: technology used for space.

NASA : The National Aeronautics and Space Administration responsible for many space bodies such as satellites and space probes.

Space: a gigantic, vast void surrounding our planet.

Invent: to create something useful to human society.

Develop: to grow or expand.

Satellite: A space body that orbits around planets and sends signals


Q1: Why is NASA useful?

A1: NASA is useful because they made many contributions to society and advanced our technology and space knowledge.

Q2: Why should we support NASA?

A2: We should support NASA because of their advancements in technology and space knowledge.

Q3: How would our lives be without space technology?

A3: Our lives would be very inconvenient because many of our items revolve around space technology.


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