Cattle Breeds Zach cooper

Angus bull

Breed: Black Angus

Characteristics: Black, polled (no horns)

Origins: Scotland

Pure breed angus is a huge deal

Hereford Cow and Calf

Breed: Hereford

Characteristics: Red body with white face and potential white feet

Origins: England

Cool fact.....There is a mini breed as well

Charolais cow and calf

Breed: Charolais

Characteristics: full white color

Origins: France

Brahman bull

Breed: Brahman

Characteristics: Big droopy ears and a hump up the back

Origins: India

It's so FLUFFY!!!!!! Highland

Breed: Highland

Characteristics: thick long hair (fluffy)

Origins: Scotland

"Oreo" Cattle

Breed: Belted Galloway

Characteristics: white middle section of the body

Origins: Southern Scotland

Texas Longhorn

Characteristics: horns that can grow to be 2 meters tip to tip

Origins: North America after evolving from a breed from Spain

World Record Here In Kansas

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