Munich (Its all about beer!)

We woke up to a wet Nuremberg day, so decided to catch an earlier train to Munich to escape the rain, but not until pigging out on a big Father’s Day Hotel breakfast!

We will be sorry to say goodbye to Hotel Victoria. The staff and service was excellent, location the best and very modern and clean. Highly recommend if you ever plan on staying in Nuremberg.

We purchased the cheap regional DB train tickets which meant that we couldn’t catch any of the fast ICE trains and would be constantly stopping along the way, but being a weekend and finding that most of the Germans travel the same way meant we had to scramble to find a spare single seat each. Thank goodness for backpacks as suitcases would have been a real challenge!

We made the most of the train trip to plan our Munich itinerary and decided to walk the 3km from the train station to our Hotel as it was still before checkin time and we could take in most of the big landmarks along the way

After checking in we booked ourselves on the 4pm classic 4hr “Mikes bike tour of Munich” and headed back nto the centre of town.

Our tour guide ended up being an Aussie called Mat... Came to Munich for the beer in Oktoberfest and has never left since! The bike tour was a real hoot and covered a lot of history. Sites included the English Gardens and a beer stop at the world famous Chinese Tower Beer Garden, a lovely stretch on the bike path along the Isra river. Taking in the skills of the local surfers riding the man made wave in the river and numerous historical landmarks along the way.

The evening was finished off eating traditional Bavarian food, Pork Knuckle with cracking!

Breakfast in Nuremberg


Mikes Bike Tour

Lead by Aussie Mat

Created By
Stephen Mathieson

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