My Amazing Life

As my life growing up with games, I grew up with Nintendo as my source of entertainment.
I grew up in Lamesa for all my life, but when it came to other homes, San Antonio was the place that I would go to whenever we went on vacations
As the years go by after i turned 13, i got into music and now that i am 17, i am into music even MORE than what i thought i would be.
One of the first stringed instruments i learned how to play really really well was the very uncommon instrument, the ukulele. I fell in love with the moment i got my hands on it and started playing it.
I love taking photos as much as i can because it makes me feel really professional when i take a really good photo of a person, sky, or anything that comes to mind when i see it.
Ever since i started working out and doing a lot of stuff with the linemen, i started to grow a little passion to lift and get stronger
One thing that i don't like is ROLLERCOASTERS! I have never really liked them and i probably never will because of the fact the i have a big fear of heights.
I have flew about twice in my life from going from Lubbock to Dallas, to Dallas to Florida
I love to be outside when it has a sunset just right to take a good picture
The one thing that i have learned is that even though i am a very happy and laughable person, i still have those moments that have that makes me sad or mad whenever it may come


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