Are Opposite Sex Friendships Tricky Or Totally Okay? By: Karri Latimer

Opposite sex friendships have been proven to be true and can exist, while others may still think it is impossible. Men and women can’t simply be friends without having romantic feelings or can they? Is it possible not to be hoarding any kind of hope that a friendship could become something more? If these friendships could be achieved, there could be some potential benefits for both sexes. Such as an insight on the other gender, a conversational partner, and someone to help boost self esteem. Creating friendships is about expanding your horizons and gaining a sense of happiness from others. Being happy with oneself is recommended but having an outside motivator is always good to have on hand.

Platonic vs. Romantic Relationships

Men and women spend time together in many different ways. Such as the work place, group outings, and family settings. The outside facade of both sexes proves that they’re totally comfortable with all these encounters but who's to say there isn’t some internal tension? Men and women have proven over time and time again that fairly platonic relationships are possible but there is no guarantee that feelings could change over time. Everyone is guilty of having a fleeting thought of their opposite sex friend but does that truly mean that they want anything other than a platonic relationship? There has been many debates on this concept, more so on the movie screens than anything else. Movies often portray opposite friends of having secret romantic feelings for the other and takes away the reality of real world opposite sex friendships.

Through all the studies, researchers have concluded that men and women can merely just be friends but also agrees with the notion that sometimes feelings can change over time.


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