Nintendo Switch By: Samuel Tull

The Nintendo Switch is the newest game console from Nintendo. IS comes out March 3rd 2017 and has an expensive cost of $299.99.

The Nintendo Switch is like the P.S Vita, but has a lot more to it, to start the Joy Cons are the two joysticks on the side. The Joy cons are able to be put on its charger to a video game controller or just you can take both pf the controller parts off and have one in each hand. Another thing is they are able to be put in the screen that comes with it. The Cons are also motion censored, that allows you to do active games the Wii joysticks. The Final think for the Joy Cons is they are able to connect to a wheel for racing games. They are an interesting part for the Nintendo Switch.

The next thing to talk about is the new games that came out, there is Mario Odyssey, Sonic, Zelda: Breath of The Wind, and Arms.

Mario Odyssey is a 3D World just like the Wii U game, but this is a one player. Mario is in the real world and can travel to other ones. And, in this Mario's hat gets destroyed by Bowser, but he gets a new one that has eyes. In Sonic, it is like the old 2D version, but has a little extra to it. Zelda: Breath of The Wind is about Link, discovering the past and fight huge bosses.

The Nintendo Switch is also a two player, there are many games installed on it to play so you don't have to buy a game right away. There is one where You have to stare directly at you opponent and have you joystick down,when it says go you pull it up and fire,like he old westerns,and who ever shot first, won. There is another that Involves holding the joystick flat in your hand and you feel out how many marbles are in the joystick or box as it is in the game,then you have to guess how much. Those are just a few of many games that you can play.

This video shows the Nintendo switch ,the information I said,and more.


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