Edward Highnam The Prince royal

He is the wild child grown up, a splendid prince, an excellent sword fighter, a strategist, a passionate soul, and every inch his father's son. He is his mother's brave little soldier, the big brother from the story book, and stubborn like a bull. But most of all, Edward is utterly frustrated.

Growing up, he thought ruling a kingdom would be fun. Taking his father's place would be a smooth but exciting procedure, a glamourous ceremony. Edward never expected that his father, King Florentine, would lose his head on the battlefield, beheaded by a mere squire who supported the rebel army. Edward fought in three battles, fierce and clever, to return to a grieving castle. Lissathon would be ruled by his father's counselors until Edward's 23rd birthday. The day could not come fast enough.

Herubin, Master of Ships and Coin, got drunk on the power of ruling. Edward can see it in his hazel eyes but there is nothing he can do. The kingdom is broken, Lissathon a city of ruins and corpses, irritated glances brush him whenever he rides past the common people. Edward wants a lot of things. He wants to lower taxes, he wants to make immigration to the city easier, he wants to make sure his people love their king again - like they loved his father before the rebels turned him into the cruel villain. Most of all he wants Elynne's heart, although he would never admit that out loud. What is it with him, always wanting things he cannot have?

When Edward was seven years old, his father took him on a journey to another kingdom. The kingdom of Anachrys, the kingdom of ice and the eternal night. He had never seen anything as beautiful or as terrifying as the white wasteland of snow and the starry night with the ghostly green light dancing between the stars.

But that was then and Edward is twenty-two now, a man, aspirant to the throne of Lissathon. He is not afraid of strange lights anymore, only of the darkness inside men. He is certain that he will overcome Herubin's antics to keep him from the throne. Of course he will. He's Edward Highnam. The prince royal. The true king.

Tradition calls for Edward to find a wife soon. It calls for him to produce his own heir, so Alphan will not have to sit on a throne he is not prepared for. Edward also has to find a husband for his sister Céline. Until he is king, those trivial tasks will have to do.

But could there be a bigger adventure around the corner?


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