Jarelly 4.0 By: Jarelly & Keonna

This is planet Jarelly 4.0. The size of this planet is 5,000 mi. The distance from the sun to our planet is 95 million mi. The amount of gravitational force is 10.547 m/squared.

The length of a day in the planet Jarelly 4.0 is 25 hours. The length of a year was 169 days. Our axis is straight, making our seasons to only be Summer & Winter. At sunrise, the sky is a red- ish pink color. During the day, its a aqua green color. Once it's sunset, it turns into a dark red and then when it's night, the sky is red with red stars. When it's summer, the highest it is 100 degrees & when it's winter, the coldest is -1 degrees.

This is the sky when it's is at Sunrise.
This is the sky when it is daytime.
This is the sky when the sun is starting to set.

This is tye sky when it's at night. The sky is red with red stars shining bright.

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