Chemistry of Life by brandon Rico

Leaf cutter ant

Leaf cutter ants cut many many leaves in order to use them in their fungus garden.

"Skills are cheap, Chemistry is expensive"-Mal Pancoast

"We were making the first step out of the age of Chemistry and Physics, and into the age of Biology"- Jeremy Rifkin


The Xylem transports water and minerals from roots to shoots.


Phloem transports products of photosynthesis from where they are made or stored to where they are needed.

Plants have evolved many different ways to gain the nutrients they need from photosynthesis to having carnivorous capabilities.


Created with images by Charles D P Miller - "Leaf cutter ant" • (biophotos) - "Cucurbita maxima - xilema" • Changhai Travis - "Stoma Phloem"

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