Rifle/Pistol Fun Shoot Held 3 nov. 2018

We had ten shooters at the Pistol/Rifle Fun shoot on Nov. 3rd. Between them they shot 21 courses of fire.

The first course of fire was ten pennies at 5 yards. The best shooters only managed to hit six coins, even those shooting 45 ACP!

Penny For Your Thoughts

Next up was ten shots on a 6-inch plate at 30 feet. The scoring area was only 3½-inches in diameter. The shooters were offered two types of plates, one with a big red dot in the center to facilitate aiming and a blank plate which was worth five bonus points; all shooters took the blank plate. Only two shooters got all ten shots in the scoring area with several coming close with eight or nine shots scoring.

Ventilate The Plate

The final stage was five eggs at 50-feet shot with one of the Club's .22LR rifles. Again, this stage proved to be challenging to the shooters with most only hitting one or two eggs. Two shooters managed to splatter four eggs.


Winning the shoot with 25 points was Drew Thompson who pocketed a $25 Dick's gift certificate. Second and third respectively were Paul Figueirdo, our Pistol Chairman, and Dick Martin.

The shoot netted $61 for the Club's coffers. Thanks to all those who helped put this shoot together or donated materials.

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Rogue's Gallery

We'll be holding other shoots in the future including fun shoots such as this, stay tuned.

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Richard Martin

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