Immigration Mexican-US

President Trump has been proposing to build an almost 2,000-mile long wall since during his campaign to increase U.S. Border Security

An “impermeable border is impossible if the United States and Mexico expect to maintain or expand trade and economic development” (Slack, Martinez, Whiteford, and Peiffer 122, 2015)

U.S. government and immigration enforcement regime have established countless programs, since before Trump's campaign, to lower Mexican illegal immigration to the U.S.

Operation Streamline, is a federal program that charges illegal migrants with criminal charges and even federal imprisonment (Amuedo-Dorantes and Pozo 2276, 2014)

Essentially, Operation Streamline is “coordinated program of immigration enforcement and criminal prosecution that is characterized by en masse plea agreements for immigration offenders who have illegally entered the United States, a misdemeanor offense” (Slack, Martinez, Whiteford, and Peiffer 116, 2015).

E-Verify is a “free web-based programs that employers can use to verify that job applicants are eligible to work in the United States” (Amuedo-Dorantes and Pozo 2276, 2014). If the applicant is undocumented, or an illegal immigrant, they will not be hired.

This program paved the way for state-level omnibus immigration laws, or OILs, which authorized state and local law enforcement “to check the immigration status of individuals they had probable cause to arrest” (Amuedo-Dorantes and Pozo 2276, 2014).

These impoverished immigrants are seeking a better life for themselves, their family and children. These immigrants are chasing after the American Dream.

Mexican migrants “who consider the United States their home are willing to endure hardships at the border, discrimination in the United States, and the harsh penalties of an increasingly criminalized immigration system” (Slack, Martinez, Whiteford, and Peiffer 123, 2015)

The United States of America has always welcomed others. Trump's proposals are not necessary, would not solve any problems, and would ultimately hurt America just as much.


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