COPWATCH COLLEGE A Know Your Rights Curriculum inspired by Berkeley Copwatch

Copwatch College

Inspired by Berkeley Copwatch's UC Berkeley class and motivated by daily requests for support and training, WeCopwatch has created a standardized training curriculum called Copwatch College that is based on years of hands-on experience, covering five modules that are typically taught over the span of 3-4 days.

Copwatch Classes

  1. Slave Patrols and Strike Breakers: The History of the Policing in the US.
  2. Know Your Rights: When Stopped by or Interacting with Law Enforcement.
  3. CopWatching: Rights, Tactics, and Strategies when Observing the Police.
  4. First Responders: Police Shootings and other Critical Incidents involving the Police.
  5. Investigations: Conducting Independent Investigations for Criminal, Civil Cases, or for Public Consumption.
We take our trainings out of the classroom,
And we bring them into the streets.
We believe the best way to teach is to provide a balance of information, and real life examples, so you can determine what works best for you.

COPWatch college videos

We are currently creating a series of Copwatch / Know Your Rights videos to accompany our online curriculum and to be used during trainings. In the spirit of Jacob Crawford's 2004 These Streets are Watching, these videos will be a mix between interviews, trainings, and in the street police interactions.

These Streets are Watching 2004

Project Outline

  1. 5x Online Classes
  2. 30x Training Videos: 2-4 minutes each
  3. 4-6 Incident Case Study Videos: 10 minutes each


Police Employees

We interview several active and former law enforcement officials to speak on people's rights when stopped by or while monitoring the police. We also interview officers on their training to gain a better understanding of their mind set when confronted by them in the streets.

Holly Joshi: Oakland Police
Tom Nolan: Former Boston Cop and Homeland Security Agent
Michael Wood: Former Baltimore Police Officer


We interview multiple Copwatchers from different groups across the country about the public's rights when stopped by the police, how to safely and effectively Copwatch, and how to use Video as Evidence so that it can benefit the victim or be used as evidence against an officer.

Jacob Crawford: Founder of WeCopwatch / 2013
David Whitt: Founder of The Canfield Watchmen / 2014
Ramsey Orta: Filmed the NYPD killing of Eric Garner / 2014


We interview a group of diverse individuals from across the country to provide specific information around certain issues or lesson material.

Jackie Zammuto: WITNESS / NYC
Carlos Miller: Founder of Photography is Not a Crime / Miami
Eddie Conway: Real News Network / Baltimore


Copwatch Training Videos

We use a mix of unreleased Know Your Rights Trainings that were filmed during production for WeCopwatch's documentary "Copwatch", which can be seen on Amazon Prime Video

In the Streets
In Living Rooms
Inside Classrooms
In front of Large Audiences

Police Training Videos

We utilize police training videos that cover a variety of subjects and topic material relevant to our curriculum.

Use of Force Trainings
Manufacturing Reasonable Suspicion
Manufacturing Consent


We maintain a rich video archive of both Copwatch and Police Videos.

Copwatch Video and Body Cameras
Police Shootings
Protests and other Critical Incidents involving the Police


We use several high profile police killings and demonstrations in our course. We process available evidence and reconstruct incidents using Police and Copwatch videos, and dispatch recordings. These incidents serve as case studies and examples that are incorporated and revisited throughout the Copwatch College Curriculum.

Oscar Grant: Oakland, CA / January 1, 2009
Oscar Grant Verdict Day: Oakland, CA / July 10th, 2010
Occupy Oakland Move In Day: Oakland, CA / January 28, 2012
Eric Garner: Staten Island / July 17th, 2014
Raid at Standing Rock: North Dakota / October 27th, 2016

Project STATUS

  1. We have pre developed website for Copwatch College curriculum.
  2. We have created a winter schedule with web developer to create learning system.
  3. We have processed archive and identified and organized select videos.
  4. We have organized final interviews and shoots.


We are requesting a total of $13,000, which breaks down as follows

  1. Transportation: $2,000
  2. Food: $1,000
  3. Lodging: $1000
  4. Editor: $3,000
  5. Trainings in early spring 2020: $4,000
  6. Website: $2,000

Total: $13,000

Support Info

  1. PayPal: WeCopwatch@gmail.com
  2. Venmo: @WeCopwatch
  3. Cash App: $wecopwatch
  4. Patreon: WeCopwatch

Contact Info

Jacob Crawford



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