Anty Mitchell Ahr

Project Description

Phase 1: We were tasked with building and programming a robot that resembles an ant that uses six legs and the walking system to move. The robot should also respond to its environment accordingly using its various sensors.


Anty Default 'Finding Food' Program
Anty 'Avoid Obstacles' Program
Anty 'Color Sensing' Program


Anty used both color and ultra-sound sensors to perform the given tasks. The ultra-sound sensor allowed anty to interact with its environment by avoiding obstacles. Anty walked forward, continuously, until it approached an obstacle less than 10 centimeters away. Then, it would turn 90 degrees to the right to clear the road block and continue walking. This program ran on a loop.


What I Learned...

I learned how to create a 'My Block' program and correctly insert it into the several programs used for anty. I also learned how to use motors to perform the walking system and cause the robot to closely resemble the walking motion of an ant.

Project Description

Phase 2: We used the same anty build but used the LEGO MindStorms app to control our robot from an iPad via Bluetooth.


What I Learned...

I learned how to use the LEGO MindStorm app's joy stick-esque controls to control our robot from my iPad.


Created with images by marknenadov - "Ant from the Formica family"

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