Good Life Tour of the Harn By: Lindsey Treacy

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist

I was mesmerized by this piece of art because the vibrant yellow lights caught my eye. At first glance, the lamp kind of looked like a drooping bundle of flowers. I have been exposed to flowers my entire life, because my mother used to buy them every week when she went grocery shopping. Seeing this piece of artwork made me feel nostalgic reminded me a little bit of home. The most striking feature of this art piece is the way in which the glass is carefully shaped in order to create the imagery of a delicate flower. The fact that the lilies are drooping downwards communicated a sense of sadness.

Design of the Museum

The David A. Cofrin Asian Art wing was my favorite part of the museum. This wing of the museum was constructed completely out of wood; the walls, floor, chairs, and shelves encasing the artwork all contained wood. The wood throughout the exhibit gave it a very naturalistic aspect by allowing a lot of natural light into the room and making it a lot brighter. The wood also seemed to make the space look larger, especially the outside area in the back wing. This large room in the back contained only a few pieces of artwork, which was very unique. All the empty space allowed me to really focus on the few pieces of art that were contained within the room and admire the architecture of the building. The artwork that was in the exhibit made me feel privileged because I have never been to Asia, but I still got the chance to see what their culture is about through artwork from this wing of the museum.

Art and Core Values

While walking through the museum and admiring all the paintings, this one specifically caught my eye because it represents the core value of loss. When I saw this picture, I felt connected to it because I have a dog back home who gets very excited to see me every time I return from school. This picture made me better understand loss and the long-lasting connection that is made between not only people, but also animals. The dog laying on top of the tombstone shows his sadness for losing his owner. Loss is a part of everyone's life in some way or another and it is often very difficult to deal with. This picture made me better understand the core value of loss because I realized that it is part of the natural cycle of life and no matter what happens, it cannot be prevented. Both of my grandmothers passed away when I was 4 years old, so I never really got the chance to meet them. My mum has taken me o places where their ashes have been spread numerous times. This photo really stuck out to me because I could relate to the dog and his sorrow. I know what it feels like to lose a loved one and wish for them to still be alive.

Art and the Good Life

When I saw this painting, I immediately thought of the good life. I think this piece portrays the theme of seeking the good life. This work evokes the theme of seeking because for me, I know that I want to live up north. I have lived in Florida my entire life and I don't enjoy the brutally hot summers and extreme lack of seasons. The snow and the bare trees reminds me of winter in New York with my cousins and how much I loved being there. The theme of seeking is extremely evident because there is a person walking along a path in the woods, trying to find his/her way. Just like the person in the image, I am trying to find what the good life is for me by seeking out the world. I know that I eventually want to live up north, but I still don't know where exactly. This painting helps me better understand the theme of seeking because I can see that a lot of people don't know what the good life is for them or where they will end up, but learning about myself and what makes me happiest is all part of the path that leads to the good life.

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