History of the Polaroid Camera By: ann singleton

The Polaroid camera is a self-developing camera. The process to create this instant picture is a chemical developed print shortly after taking the picture.

This is the Polaroid OneStep camera
This invention is a visible instant camera that is easy to use, and is credited to the American scientist Edwin Land.He created the first instant film.
The Polaroid company started in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In modern terms Polaroid was the apple of its time.

The technology Mr. Land developed has a wide range of applications, and was used in the production of sunglasses and color animation.

The earliest instant camera, which included a camera and portable wet darkroom in a single compartment was invented in 1923 by Samuel Shlafrock.

These cameras were made by companies such as Polaroid, Fujifilm, and more!

Among these products, it's market is the Polaroid brand, Fujifilm instax instant camera, and various other digital cameras and portable printers.

In February 2008, Polaroid filed for bankruptcy for the second time and announced it would stop production of its instant cameras, and shut down three factories and lay off about 450 workers. As of 2014 film continues to be made by the Impossible Project for several models of the Polaroid camera.

The Impossible Project is a company that manufactures instant photographic materials. This buissness was founded in 2008 after Polaroid announced that Febuary 2008 that it would stop production film for their Polaroid cameras.

The Impossible Project leased the Polaroid production plant and developed new instant film products for use in existing Polaroid cameras.

In 2010 the company began producing several types of instant film. In January of 2012, the company announced that it and Polaroid would launch a range of new products, called "The Polaroid Classic Range." These would be the originals from diffrent periods of Polaroid's history. Between six and ten Polaroid products will be released each year.

The Polaroid cameras can be classified by there type of film. The earliest Polaroid (1963) used "roll film." Roll film came in two rolls, which were loaded into the camera and was eventually offered in three sizes. Later these cameras used "pack film." It required the photographer to pull the film out of the camera for development. Then you peel apart the positive side from the negantive side.

In more recent times, Fujifilm has introduced a line of instant cameras and film in Japanese and Asian markets. In the late 1990s Fujifilm introduced a new series of cameras using a new film called instax that was available in markets outside of the US.

Instax became available in mini sizes. In 2008 after Polaroid quit production, the Fuji Instax and peel apart film is slowly becoming more available.

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