Vikings and Anglo-Saxons By Morgan and Asal

This is a report about Vikings and Anglo-Saxons.So get ready to learn some information about Vikings and Anglo-Saxons!

This is an Anglo Saxon who is standing on a rock with armour and a shield.

Vikings used broken pieces of jewellery for money to get food and drinks for themselves.

This is Viking jewellery and money.

Jewellery is Viking money. It was used for trading so people could be rich and get more money.

This is a house that looks like a Viking home 🏡.
This is a Viking ship. This ship had vikings on it and usually Viking ships had shields on the side of the ships. The Vikings used oars to travel along the seas.
This is Thor one of the Viking gods.
Freya is one of the goddesses.
This is called Loki the naughty god.
This is Odin one of the other gods.

We both hope that you have learnt a lot about vikings and Viking gods.

By Asal and Morgan


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