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Hello, Dear One. I'm RivaJazz (aka Dalia). After living an intense life in Portugal, I moved to the UK in 2006 in a search for 'a' second chance in life and stayed there ever since making it my second home and an incredible journey of the soul... Until 2019!

At a very young age and during teenage years, my life was fully blessed, besides school, there was dance, music, thinking, writing, exercising and travelling. These experiences either personal or professional, helped me build - through the years - a better and clear perspective of the way I could help others!

So here I am - an intuitive spiritual healer by nature, a Massage Practitioner and Bodyworker, a Meditation Facilitator, a Spiritual Coach, an eternal student of the Ancient Healing methods across the globe including, Moxibustion, Shiatsu and Japanese Acupuncture, an Author, a dance lover, a passionate and curious being for newer and better ways of living that involves technology. Overall an essence of an Artist!

When did the Inner work start?

In 2008 was the year I dedicated part of my time to others so that many could embrace their Being with Love and be Calmer towards life. Choosing to bring you closer to your Higher Self and Guide you to where you want to Be and letting you know how life is Greater/Beautiful and Simple!

By creating my first website with Meditation, Beauty and Massage services, I met very different people and we all helped each other in the Life processes with cyclic gatherings.

What is my Life's Purpose/Mission?

As a bodyworker, I had felt that my intuition was so strong in certain moments that I started paying attention to what it was telling me or guiding me. It took some time to understand it and be able to trust it too, soon after I was incorporating it into my Massage work. By doing so, I felt even more connected to the Universe and feel humbled and blessed by the whole experience and synchronicity.

There are so many lessons to learn in life by all of us, that I have found ways to better share-serve-teach others towards their guidance, their own intuition and own mission too. Since young, I had this gut feeling that everything is possible! - This has become a challenge to my Life's Purpose/Mission.

Nowadays, I am sharing a variety of Health & Movement services either treating the body and mind as guiding our paths in a more connected way with Spirit. That makes this whole life Journey worthwhile to see in others their happiness returned/remembered!

I am grateful for everything that has happened in my life and I share with you that my intention is to guide and to create a conscious awakening in each individual, either through Bodywork treatments, Spiritual Coaching, Oracle Readings, Meditation & Other Holistic Therapies, Books and Videos.

‘Among friends, family and coworkers I was able to access many visions, much knowledge of the soul. I love to observe others - is the best trick to learn life and move forward.’

Hence a life full of lessons that made possible to help others. - And so it is!


Raynor Massage - a Deep Tissue Massage

About Raynor Naturopathic Massage

Raynor Massage is a holistic massage specially created by Brandon Raynor, Designed to help you release the tensions of the body, it combines varied techniques such as Reflexology, Therapeutical, Remedial & Deep Tissue Massage, Ayurvedic Massage & Marma Therapy, Acupressure, Swedish, Thai, Chinese and Western Massage. It is considered to have deep impacts in all our body systems: lymphatic, nervous, circulatory, digestive, endocrine, immune, muscular, reproductive, respiratory, skeletal and urinary systems.

What is Raynor Massage Therapy good for?

Pointing the fact that the goal of this therapy is to get rid of any tension or blockage the body carries, and that this may vary in the course of our lives, the therapy helps everyone but even more, those who need treatment for some conditions and these are:

  • Increase of blood and lymph circulation;
  • Relaxation of tight muscles, tendons and ligaments;
  • Freeing the nerve tissue that has had tight tissue restricting it;
  • Breaks down toxins stored in the body to eliminate them better;
  • Allows better organ and brain function by improvement of never and circulation supply and by taking pressure from tight muscles;
  • Increase of vitality by stimulation of the Chi or life force;
  • Helps to heal of tissue by increasing circulation on the affected area;
  • Helps break up fibrous adhesions around the joint issue.

What else can Massage help you with?

  • Headaches;
  • Tight back, shoulders and neck;
  • Menstrual Problems;
  • Digestive disorders related to nervous tension;
  • Anxiety and stress;
  • Knee problems;
  • Old Injuries;
  • Constipation;
  • Lockjaw;
  • Emotional problems;
  • Before, during and post pregnancy;
  • Emotional Crisis;
  • & Many other conditions.

What can you expect from your practitioner regarding your treatment?

First & Following consultations/treatments – a medical form will be given to you to fill in in order to make a record of your medical history and help monitor your treatments throughout the sessions for the release of tension.

Note: It is important to emphasize that the release of tensions from the body differs from person to person therefore the number of sessions for each treatment will differ too. None of our holistic treatments are of sexual nature.

Reflexology in Hands

This massage is focused in 4 anchor points: the hands and the feet where the most tension in the body is located or coming from. With the help of pressure points, you will feel deeply relaxed in a short period of time as well as benefiting the internal organs by promoting the blood circulation and body fluids.

Reflexology in Feet

This massage is focused on the 5 anchor points: head, hands and feet. With the help of pressure points, you will feel deeply relaxed in a short period of time.

Pre & Post-Natal Massage

Most women suffer from shoulder tightness and hip pain or lower back pain. This massage is design to find tension and release it avoiding the activation points and help mobility during pregnancy.

After giving birth, readjustments are needed for a good recovery of muscles, the nervous system and wellness in general. Some restrictions may apply after giving birth so please call to discuss further details.

Raynor therapy applied to the upper body part including the Head, Neck, Back, Hips, Arms, Hands, Feet, Legs and Thighs. Make sure that you allow past the 12 weeks before you book this option.

The Magic of Oracle Readings

Open your Heart to the potential of the Oracle Readings. They are designed to give you a sense of the current situation, to look deeper and understand the whole picture. It guides us in difficult times and with simple curiosities of life.

Allow your Intuition take you to another level of Self and Guidance. Redefine your Life and Bring back the Power to your Self!

Exercising your Body with Pilates

Redesign your body posture, give it Breathing, give it Stretching, and it shall be feeling better everyday!

Exercising is a form to complete the massage treatments and to help you recover from certain injuries or conditions as well as bringing a better performance in your daily life either working or sports life.

The exercises performed are going to be designed to the person in question and according to their assessment of made in the first session or in a massage session.

There might be exceptions of performing exercises, so please contact me for more information. Make sure you consult your doctor prior to starting these exercises.

Elevate your Spirit with Coaching

A conversation, an allowance of words, emotions, space for feeling and processing what is discussed. Therefore, judgment is a tool left outdoors.

What is Spiritual Coaching?

It is a meeting of the soul, the being that requires guidance in life in general. From depression, lack of direction/life purpose, feeling confused, stressed - to name a few, the sessions are created at your own pace allowing you to tap into life as natural as possible.

My work is with this soul, guiding it, asking questions, listening, it is a getting to know your life patterns, senses, and values. The goal is to understand where you are at present moment and work with what you have and together we can bring sense and balance back into your life and those around you.

Each session can be different and some can involve massage or other therapies I sense suitable within my range of specialities. This is discussed in the sessions to manage location and timings involved.

This is usually available on a 1 to 1 session in person, via Skype or phone with a duration of 50 mins approximately.

What is the main goal of Spiritual Coaching?

The goal is to generate sense/purpose and a tapping into the inner peace where calmness resides again, the soul can then create, smile, direct and able to 'fly' again in their path with a greater awareness of their life lessons.

This is a mobile Service of Holistic Therapies. Therapies designed to be performed at the comfort of your home and offices. For more info, get in touch with us here.
Remember who you ARE!



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