Zeiss Ikon WHEN Film meets rangefinder

It's been awhile since the last time I shoot film. I can still recall the feeling of loading film, dialing in the setting, shooting with it, advancing the film, winding the film, sending them for development and patiently waiting for it to be developed. I must say I really missed those feelings.

Lately I have been shooting a lot wih my Leica M-P Type 240, and I have started to fall in love with rangefinder. Furthermore, the operation of the camera reminds me a lot of the days and moments when I was using a film camera. I have stopped shooting film for awhile due to financial reason. But after much consideration, I decided to plunge back to the world of film and to restart it with a rangefinder film camera. Since I have a growing collections of M-mount lenses, I have decided to get a rangefinder film camera that takes M-mount lenses.

I've been considering to get either the Leica CL or the M6 as the used cameras are relatively affordable. However, as I would like to get a copy in chrome, Leica CL is out of the picture as it is only available in black. When my heart was pretty much set to grab a chrome M6, there came the Zeiss Ikon into my eyes. I get this offer of buying the Zeiss Ikon from the guy whom I bought the film scanner from. The condition of the camera is good, it's fairly affordable, and it's chrome! After testing it with a roll of Kodak UltraMax 400, I have decided to grab this camera instead of waiting for a cheap M6.

What I like?

  • Bright viewfinder with uncluttered framelines
  • Classic and simple film loading
  • Built-in light meter
  • Well built and relatively light weight

What I Dislike?

  • Not fully mechanical
  • Frame line only covers 28mm, 35mm, 50mm and 85mm
  • It's not a Leica! :P

According to the owner, this camera was bought from Japan Camera Hunter and was just recently serviced by Cosina. The leathering has been changed to griptac for better handling too. All in all, the Zeiss Ikon is a very capable rangefinder film camera at a very attractive price point. However, if you are looking for something cheaper which adapts M-mount lenses, do take a look at the Minolta/Leica CL or the Hexar RF.

For now, the Zeiss Ikon with the Zeiss T* 2/50 ZM will be my "Full Zeiss" and "Full Japanese" rangefinder setup for my film photography journey. I certainly look forward and can't wait to shoot more with this camera for the days to come, and I have already loaded myself with rolls of film!

For more information on the camera, please feel free to click on the link below.

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