Education 202 Lauren Perot

Welcome! I am Lauren Perot, a sophomore at LSUS. I am an Elementary Education Major. I look forward to changing the lives of our future children.

My Philosophy of Education

Find a career you have a passion for and you will never have a problem with Mondays!

As a prospective teacher my goal is for all my students to learn in my classroom. To ensure my students are learning I will first make sure they are actively engaged in the lesson or assignment by asking question, using topics of interest and making sure I am on the same level as my students. Aside from assessment, I would approach my students with ways of a progressive teacher. I would allow students to teach small concepts to the class with assistance. I recall doing this approach as a student in high school; it helped me learn the information on a deeper level. Each student should have an equal opportunity engage in the lesson. My lessons will have an auditory, visual and kinesthetic component. I observed a teacher who set individual goals for each student to ensure learning in her classroom. No two child’s goals would be the same. The goal setting will track the student’s progress and keep them motivated. Keeping the classroom interesting for my students is very important. I want to see my students actively enjoying the material at hand. Calling on students to ask question would ensure all students are actively listening. Pair-share is a method I enjoyed as a student. Pair-Share allows students to collaborate with each other, making a conclusion about the topic being discussed. With subjects such as Social Studies, I would consider doing learning centers or using songs and music to help remember states, dates and important events. Informative feedback is an affective method as well. This guides students redirect their thinking and show them different approaches to master the concept or skill. No two students are the same each has different needs. To reach each individual, working in small groups who are similar in their learning abilities would benefit the student and the teacher. I observed this method while at North Desoto Middle School. The students and teacher benefited greatly. Since each student would fall under different learning styles, giving multi-learning style homework would help stray away from hours of traditional homework. Student learning is one goal as a prospective educator. Setting daily goals for my students and myself would assist us to stay on track. Goals will show students what they have missed or learned from the lesson. Showing the real world connection to the concept would encourage them to master the concept. Having a progressive mindset and following John Dewey’s belief, I believe the goal of education is to teach students to be problem solvers. Also, education is not to prepare a child for life, but education is an asset of their life. To accomplish this goal, my student will have steps to solve problems that will be relevant to any subject matter.

School is changing just as the world is. Staying up to date in technology, curriculum, and classroom design and family values is of importance to me. To keep the curriculum relevant to the times and age of the students is important. In my lessons, I will try to always include a technology component, which would be done at school, because not every child will have access to a computer at home. Having a team of teachers working together across the subject or grade would help the teacher teach effectively by integrating lesson plans across the subjects. Frequently communicating with parents about the students needs would help the teacher and students become more successful.

Elements of the classroom should change on a scheduled basis. This task may be as simple as frequently rotating the seating arrangement to keep students comfortable with change. As a role model for my students, I will show them to appreciate diversity. As seating arrangements change, I would integrate my students by race, gender and class. This would help my students appreciate the diverse country we live in. I plan to have a fun classroom for my kids. Having a good education and fun teachers will forever impact a child in the academic career and life. One teacher who mastered this concept was my sophomore English teacher. She is one of my many influences on becoming a teacher. As a teacher, I will always be a student. I will always pour my cup into someone else’s, and expect the same from others. Teachers will ultimately lead the classroom but we are able to learn about life from our young students as well. Continuing to get a better education will better me as a teacher to better service my students. To accomplish this, I will be attending workshops, conferences and learn from mentors and the great teachers who have come before me. Staying up to date on currents ideas, methods and technologies will help ensure I am giving all my students the education they deserve.

My Philosophy of Educational Technology

Technology gives the quietest students a voice. -Jerry Blumengarten


As a future educator, we are responsible to teach our students about technology. This is important because we live in a world surrounded by technology. By teaching our students how to use technology, we are teaching them how to be productive and functioning members of society. In my opinion, technology has a place in the classroom. This could be as simple as using a smart board to display a timer, using an Elmo to display worksheets or something as extravagant as using Google Cardboard to take your students on field trips around the world.I plan to impact students learning and achievement by assigning project and research based assignments. I plan to use programs that use individualized programs to ensure student learning. To make sure my students are safely navigating technology I will educate my students on internet safety. I plan to teach my students how to create strong passwords, acknowledge their digital footprint, self image and cyber bullying. Demonstrating exceptional technology skills will be important for my role as an educator.

Makey Makey


We used Makey Makeys to conduct an online video game we created with our Launch NoteBooks in the back ground!

To start off the Makey Makey project, we used Launch Notebooks that we made ourselves. In our Launch Notebook, we kept track of our data and ideas. The Launch Notebook made it easy to stay organized throughout our project. The Makey Makey project allowed me to be creative in the video game as well as the controller we made to work the game. Using the Launch Notebook, I collected data on video game genres. After collecting data on genres, I asked my classmates general questions about video games. Conducting these questions allowed me to produce the best game possible. Using a website called scratch, I made a video game. After making this video game, me and my group made a controller out of cardboard, construction paper, duct tape and foil. After attaching the Makey Makey to the handmade controller, we were able to use the functioning controller. Makey Makeys are a great way for kids imaginations to come to life.

Lesson Plan


it is a beautiful day when career and passion come together.

My lesson plan I created was geared toward a 1st grade math class. The lesson objective was to organize coins in single coin groups up to 50 cents value. To complete this objective, my students would need to have prior knowledge of coin values. The students will be put in groups of 4 and will make a “grocery list” using Google sheets "to do" list on their Chrome books. On the Smart Board, the teacher will display the available items and their prices. Each group of students will get a bag filled with coins. They will use the manipulative coins to pay for their items, but are not allowed to exceed a total of 50 cents. Each group will alert the teacher when they are ready to “check out” and the teacher will check their total amounts. When the students are done with their guided practice work, they can move on to their individual work. To asses how well they have learned this lesson and concept, I would allow the students to use the "Word Cloud" website to show me what all they took away from that lesson. By using "Word Cloud", the students can see what other students took away from the lesson and express what they learned or found interesting. By using Google Sheets to make a grocery list, not only are we introducing the children to Google Apps, but we are showing them how to effectively set and achieve goals. They are putting things they desire on the list and problem solving to buy them.

Work and play together!


"Education is not the learning of things, but the training of the mind to think" -Albert Einstein

With using the "fractions" app, students are able to learn fractions while playing a game and earning points! By playing with this app, found in the app store, children are able to review for a test and play a game at the same time. Children now a days love their screen time, but with this app, they are able to play and learn at the same time This app has different levels, easy, medium and hard. The difference in the levels allows students to challenge themselves even more once they have mastered easy fractions. Students can share their progress with their friends and parents! McGraw Hill has provided this app to reach students in the best way possible.

Digital Literacy Newsletter

iste standard 4:promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility.

"technology is useful servant but a dangerous master"

I created a digital literacy news letter to exemplify the best way to be online. Within the news letter I addressed the parents and students about how to be safe online. I created this newsletter using a website called "Smore". In my newsletter I talked about privacy and security, cyberbully and digital drama and relationships and communication. Due to this being an online newsletter, I was able to provide my students and parents with video links further explaining the importance of these topics. With each topic, I addressed both the parent and the student. I provided examples of what is acceptable online behavior and what is not. I was never aware of some of the online rules and regulations until doing further research. It is important for us educators to demonstrate superior online behavior. By creating this newsletter I became further educated on online behavior. This is important as a future educator because I strive to be the best role model for my students. By clicking on the "digital newsletter" button, you will be able to see my very own digital newsletter concerned with online safety.

google certification


"an investment in knowledge always pays the best interest" - Ben Franklin

Throughout the year we have constantly used many Google apps to enhance our learning. For several weeks we were required to complete online modules for sections in our "google training". During this semester and google training, we have been challenged to effectively use the google apps. We have been training all semester to become a Level 1 Google Educator. With this certification, I have furthered my education on technology and how to use it within the classroom. Before taking this class and learning about Google and all the wonderful things it can do, I was in a dark, non technology friendly hole. Since seeing these wonderful things google can do and provide for us, I encourage everyone to look into using google in the classroom setting. Google has forever changed my life concerning technology. As a future educator, it is important for my education to stay up to date. As John Dewey said, "IF WE TEACH TODAY AS WE TAUGHT YESTERDAY, WE ROB OUR CHILDREN OF TOMORROW". As a prospective teacher, I will always be a student.

growing with technology

"Technology will never replace great teachers, but in the hands of a great teacher it is transformational " -George Couros

prior to taking this Educational technology class, i would always want to print out everything the teacher assigned us and have everything in my binder. However, since taking this class, google drive has become my new binder and i am transitioning to a paperless education. learning so much about technology has revolutionized my education and outlook of how technology can enhance student learning. technology in the classroom provides endless opportunities for us educators and our future students.


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