Florida Natural Museum of History By David Misroch


I visited the Florida Museum of Natural History with my friend Yoni in late January. When we walked into the museum, we immediately walked to the butterfly exhibit as recommended from past students. We were mesmerized by the scenery and the variety of butterflies. We both agreed upon after we left the museum that the butterfly exhibit was by far the most entertaining. Although, we did enjoy the dinosaur exhibit with all of the fossils. Overall, we enjoyed our visit and were happy that we went.

The Butterfly Exhibit (Introduction, me)

Nature On Display

The butterfly exhibit was by far the best exhibit for several reasons. It was the only exhibit that allowed the visitors to interact with nature and thereby letting nature interact with the visitors. Also, the design of the exhibit was particularly interesting because the path that we followed took us throughout the habitat of the butterflies. I was particularly amazed by the many butterfly species and the different colors, sizes, and patterns of their wings. I learned the different areas that butterflies like to live, specifically near a water source or their feeding areas and rest on large leaves. This exhibit was the highlight of my experience at the Florida Museum of Natural History.

Nature and Ethics

The Natural History Museum did provide me the opportunity to experience nature in ways that Leopold recommends by having the dinosaur exhibit that was filled with many different types of fossils. I felt that the fossils connected me as a human to the dinosaurs because they ruled the land many years before we did. When I was walking through this exhibit, I enjoyed the many different species of dinosaurs, which reminded me of the many different races of humans and how we all share the world and interact together. This exhibit reminded me that we as humans need to be cautious about becoming extinct like the dinosaurs and to enjoy our precious time on this planet.

Dinosaur Exhibit (Nature and Ethics)

Nature and the Human Spirit

The exhibit with the life size models of the different types of sharks allowed me to appreciate mystery and majesty of the natural world. Seeing the size of just the mouth of the shark that I could easily fit in made me realize the beauty and dominance of nature. This exhibit showed that humans' place in nature would definitely not be at the top if these extinct shark species existed today. This exhibit allows us to step out of our daily lives because we don't normally see extinct species. This allows us to appreciate our past and our ancestors.

Shark Exhibit (Nature and the Human Spirit, me)

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