Organizing Notes By Madison Hilliard

1. Try putting your notes in a specific location.

By putting your notes in a specific spot you would be able to find them easier. Organizing notes can benefit you by saving time and stress. Instead of just throwing your papers into your backpack organize them. One way you can organize is to use a folder to put all your notes in for a subject. “More than 1 out of 4 Americans would like to be better organize,” (Simply Orderly). By organizing your notes you can become more organized.

2. Do you struggle with an unorganized binder? If you do, this is the tips just for you.

“We spend ten minutes every day rummaging for lost items, from books and phones to car keys and even the cars themselves, a survey has found,” (Daily To spend less time looking you can organize your binder. To organize your binder you can get a separate binder for every class. By doing this you can find things more easily than things just thrown in a binder. This could benefit you by having more time to spend on other things. This is only one way you could get organized. If you organize your environment then you can stay organized and not spend time looking for things that should have been in the right spot.“For example keeping you locker clean, backpack, by throwing away any accumulations of trash at the end of each day or take some time at lunch to clean out the papers gathering on your locker floor,” (our everyday life). This could help you with organization.

3. Use a calendar.

You could use a calendar to organize by keeping track of all the due dates. Knowing the due dates help you get homework done and know when it is due, if you know when the due dates are you will not forget things. By using the calendar it helps you know the subjects you have to bring home you also know what homework you need to do that night. My calendar helps me keep track of lot of things such as due dates, homework, and test. Overall having a calendar could help you stay organized.

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