JLC Sunday School 5th Grade Modern Israel Unit & Save the Date!

Dear Fifth Grade Families,

Hi! We are excited to to be learning in our new unit of Modern Israel! Please carefully read this email as there is much information about our new unit and the culminating research project.

In this unit our classes will be rotating through centers. Some of these centers will focus on creating weekly projects, maps and booklets that showcase our learning of Israel. This unit will focus on topics such as People in Israel, Regions, Land/Geography, Climate, Government, War and Peace, Traditions, Cultures, Famous Places, and Sights. This week some students had a Jerusalem lesson and others worked together on Peacemaker.

The groups will have different tasks or projects that they will accomplish each Sunday. You can click here to find the students' schedule of lessons they will be participating in for the semester.

Other groups will participate in the tradition of Israeli folk dancing. Each week groups will be able to participate in the culture which is carried into our traditions and celebrations (ie: B'nai Mitzvahs and Weddings.) Please wear appropriate shoes. :)

Lastly, groups will be participating in a computer simulated game of Peacemaker. It puts students into the role of the Israeli Prime Minister to make tough decisions on making peace in Israel between the Israelis and Palestinians.

As a culminating experience, students will have the opportunity to research an Israeli city and become an expert on it. Click here for information on the student Israeli Tour Guide and Tour Guide Directions. These will be done in Sunday School for the majority of the projects. Please save the date for our culminating Israeli Fair family event on Sunday, May 7, 2017. More specific information will be emailed in the upcoming weeks.

**If your child misses a week, they can catch up by looking at the weekly assignments done in class. Please check out our page on the BJBE website.**

See you after spring break on April 9th!

Sincerely, Stacy Rich, Matt Rich, Dan Olbur, Jake Shimansky

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