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The visuals for Get Free focus on themes of community empowerment and systemic independence within the contexts of a New York City neighborhood. The visuals follow Malik LovesYall as he interacts with Harlem - linking up with masses of neighborhood locals at historic sites along the way. From Marcus Garvey Park to the Apollo, Malik LovesYall juxtaposes Harlem's rugged winter aesthetic with its warm communal presence, highlighting the resilience, strength and passion of the place and people who set the scene. Walking through the streets in nothing but pants and fur Malik LovesYall will trench through the cold with a small parade of brothas and sistas beside him, all marching with one another as they revisit their historic future.


• Ralphs (Bodega) // 116th & Manhattan Ave.

• Manhattan St. (Starting at 116th)

• Minton's Playhouse

• The Apollo Theatre



((Music Starts))

Start video with Malik LovesYall inside of Ralph's Market (Bodega) ordering food from the hot food section

• Instead of getting a chopped cheese, or the popular food items offered there, the cook hands Malik a bag of raw produce.

• Malik then walks by cashier, shakes his hand, and walks outside (does not have to pay)


∞ "uh, yea - how we gunna get free?"

• Malik walks out of bodega and meets up with homies outside of the store, hands them produce - some begin walking with him, others take the produce home.

∞ "show some love and get to changing hateful policy"

• Malik walking down the street with friends

∞ "uh, yea - how we all gunna eat? Create a space for manifesting love & synergy"

• Malik continues to walk through the streets, eating produce he got, and sharing it with people he passes - they begin to join him.

Resume shot sequence of Malik walking down the blocks. People accumulate as he walks.

I see my people...


"Give me strength to love..."

• Malik removes his fur coat, takes out his lighter, and burns the coat.

The burning of the coat symbolizes the acceptance, removal, and incineration of the status quo - and systemic oppression. Although the elements of our system are cold and dangerous for the black and mixed race youth of America, the shelter provided by the community structure can/will provide the warmth, creativity and love needed to rebuild strength and prosper. As Malik sheds and burns his once coveted garments, he stays close with his people and continues to march through his journey.

Final Chorus

Malik LovesYall & Community celebrate the walk in Marcus Garvey Park.

• Dancing, singing, communing.

• Malik says "Message of the Day" amongst friends in park"


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