Advancements to Hair equipment the next step to help our hair care

My Design Review

Over all, the design of my spin-off is not only solving problems I've faced with hair tools, but should also solve an abundance of more problems like burnt hair, long hair styling time, dried out hair, and lack of recycled hair supplies. My design, even though I focused on hair irons, can be applied to most hair tools while at the same time being practical, useful, and advanced.

Problem Statement

The problem my design will solve is the lack of care and protection towards the buyers hair. Most hair tools tend to dry out, burn, have short lasting straightness for hair, and many other problems due to the iron being okay, but not reach its full potential.

Spin-off Improvement

While NASA uses Metallic ceramic nano particles, nano silver particles, LED devices to have aid of a light-weight metal, self disinfecting tool, and stimulate hair growth, my spin-off will include these and:

Metal matrix nano composites (MMC's)- A light weight and easy recyclable metal.

Brush like components in iron with vitamin B3 and Biotin engineered on and within them- Aids in long lasting and even straightness.

Nano silver and Zinc oxide nano particles- To allow the tools to disinfect not only itself, but also the hair its ironing.

Iron Spin-off

In this design I've added interchangeable comb attachments, titanium and ceramic based on the user's hair, hand grip to lessen the possibility of dropping it, slightly curved for faster use, flat iron part near the tip to get small hairs, LED light focused near the scalp to stimulate hair growth better, and when your done, you place in in a holding pot with temperature settings to have the iron wireless.

Will the Spin-off Work?

I do not doubt that some of the components I've added will not function the way I intended it too, but I believe most of my components with work because of experience and experiments I have tested with them such as changeable plates plates because ceramic plates do not keep my hair ironed as long as ceramic plates, and the curved design will speed up the process because of the fact that scalps are round.

What Did I learn?

I've learned that many iron and hair dryers use ionic energy instead of nano particles. That aspect also can be user specific depending on which works best with ones hair. My hair responds the same to both, but the straightness last longer with nano particles. So I guess you can say with this experiment that I've learned important information for the well being of my own hair.

Questions for Experts?

My only questions are their opinions on my spin-off. lf they like it, if its different, or if it will work. I know hair styling equipment is not the most earth-saving or life-changing thing on this planet, but I value happiness and happiness of others. If my spin-off can work well, raise awareness in recycling hair tools, and give people smiles at the same time, I'd say my spin-off did exactly what I intended it to do.


In this video I talk in depth about my project while introducing myself, and my idea. Enjoy!


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